[GIVEAWAY] NOVEMBER WIN – SHINee The 5th Mini Album 'Everybody'

To kick-start November, we have an awesome news to share with all our readers! We’ve officially partnered up with http://www.KpopShopNow.com/ to hold a monthly giveaway via our site, where YOU can be the lucky one to walk away with an album of the month (usually one of the latest albums) that receives the highest votes from our poll.

This November, we have SHINee’s The 5th Mini Album <Everybody> up for giveaway! (Thanks to everyone who sent in their mentions & votes)

shinee album

Sounds fantastic! How do I participate?

  1. Simple! If you’re not already a follower of our SNS accounts, do follow us on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram because you’re going to be receiving more than just updates on these accounts.
  2. And of course, these album giveaways are made possible thanks to our lovely friends at KpopShopNow! They’re a local blogshop providing your K-pop album needs at a low cost, and they do cater to overseas fans as well! Best of all, your album purchases will count towards the Hanteo Chart too! To join our monthly album giveaway, do follow KpopShopNow on Twitter (https://twitter.com/kpopshopnow) & Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/kpopshopnowSG).
  3. Leave a comment under this post & tell us which is your favorite song from SHINee’s The 5th Mini Album <Everybody>. Please include your Twitter Username as well. (Share this article via Twitter or Facebook to double up your chance!)

Terms & Conditions
This giveaway/contest is open to fans residing in Singapore. Contest will run until 15 November 2013, 2359 hrs.

We’ll update our web site with the next poll soon, and you’ll decide for us the album of the month for December! Visit http://www.KpopShopNow.com/ to get your hands on the latest albums!


  1. My favourite song has gotta be Everybody!!!! Not to mention that the song is AWESOME, and not every kpop group can pull off a dance like that! And SHINee just dances to the choreography of Everybody so well! I hope I can win the album! 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. My favorite song is Everybody! Love the song as it is very catchy & nice. Their dance is also very awesome. Once you listen you would definitely fall in love with it. Thanks for this giveaway! Hope I can win it! 😀

  3. My favourite song is Everybody! Everybody! Wake up wake up! ~ Love it. Super awesome, such a catchy song. Not to say the dance is super nice & cool. SHINee just so handsome! <3 Thanks for this giveaway! Hope I will win it! Fighting! Twitter: @Michellensm

  4. All of their songs in SHINee’s The 5th Mini Album are the best but I like Symptoms the most. The lyrics are well written and the live performances were perfect. Plus, my bias is the one who wrote the lyrics so double jjang!!! ♡♡♡

    Twitter: @tsms942

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