[COVER/INTERVIEW] Find out who is most afraid of Snakes in A-JAX!


Invited by Vizit Korea 2013 to perform in Singapore for the first time, K-pop boy band A-JAX shares their excitement of meeting the overseas fans as well as their music comeback that was scheduled one day after their Singapore showcase. Special thanks to CJ E&M, we had the opportunity to meet the boys backstage for a quick catchup before they took to stage with their showcase.


In the group interview, the members were seated in a row beginning with (from left to right) Yunyoung, Hyo Jun, Jaehyung, Hyeongkon, Seungjin and Seungyub. One of the members, Sungmin, was unfortunately absent from the Singapore schedule due to a knee injury.

Formed and debuted in 2012, A-JAX was formerly known as the DSP Boyz under DSP Media, sharing the same label as K-pop groups like KARA and Rainbow. The members greeted us politely, beginning with a self-introduction from the main vocalist Yunyoung, followed by sub-vocalists Hyo Jun & Jaehyung, rapper/leader Hyeongkon, lead dancer Seungjin, and sub-vocalist/maknae (T/N: youngest member) Seungyub.


Taking the role of a leader, Hyeongkon spoke on behalf of the group and expressed that they were very nervous and excited to meet the Singapore fans prior to their trip, “This is our first time visiting Singapore and we’re happy to be here to introduce K-pop music.”


While it has been more than a year since A-JAX made their debut in the music industry, Jaehyung shared that the group has changed to learn the significance of interacting with fans and enjoying every performance they shared on stage.


With K-pop being so widespread these days, one would have been curious to find out how each group survives or stands out among one another, especially since idols are often seen producing their own music and lyrics. When asked if A-JAX would do the same or be interested in picking up a musical instrument, Yunyoung answered that he had always thought of learning violin and would want to work hard at composing music if given an opportunity in the near future.


As with their latest ‘Snake‘ comeback, A-JAX has been filming their very own reality show titled ‘A-JAX’s Snake Parenting Diary‘ (with a total of 4 episodes), detailing on how the members actually lived with a snake and took care of it (as a pet) in their dorm. When we watched the first episode, it appears that the youngest member, Seungyub, was really infuriated over the issue of living with a snake that was brought home by its owner Sungmin.

When asked about it, Seungyub explained and admitted that he was very afraid of snakes and was thus against the idea of having one in the house. His smothering concern was soon being suppressed as the days passed, with the members gradually accepting the snake as their pet after spending more time with it.

Check out ‘A-JAX’s Snake Parenting Diary’ HERE!


During the interview, A-JAX also shared about interesting personal habits in the dorm, such as Seungjin who talks frequently in his sleep (Hyeongkon: We’re scared of him sometimes!). Despite that, Hyeongkon added that if the members could exchange bodies for a day, he would want to switch with Seungjin or Seungyub because they’re the younger members in the group.

Before the interview came to an end, Yunyoung further shared that he prefers ‘Insane‘ out of all the tracks they have released so far, as it is a very catchy song which he believed that the audience will like it as well.


A-JAX performed a total of six tracks at their showcase, including ‘One 4 U‘, ‘Hot Game‘, ‘Only You‘, ‘2MYX‘, ‘Because I Am Stupid‘ (from Boys Over Flowers OST) and ‘Insane‘ before wrapping up with a Hi-touch session with the fans. The boys also took the opportunity to surprise Seungyub with a cake in celebration of his birthday that was around the corner. With their ‘Snake’ comeback scheduled the next day, Hyeongkon asked fans to anticipate their new single and hoped that everyone would enjoy the song as much as they do.

For those who haven’t heard ‘능구렁이 (Snake)‘ yet, be sure to check out the music video below!

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