Some may dream of, some may be afraid of, some may look forward to, and some may want to avoid THE NIGHT BEFORE MARRIAGE! 4 different couples disclose 4 different stories all about marriage.

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Mockup 2 Marriage Blue Calendar 2014

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Plot for Marriage Blue
Four different couples with four different stories to tell about marriage. “Marriage Blue” follows them as they prepare for their weddings. 

Tae-Kyu (played by Kim Kang-Woo) is a former professional baseball player and is now a coach for a minor league team. His girlfriend (played by Kim Hyo-Jin) runs a successful urology clinic. They are set to get married soon but Tae-Kyu felt betrayed when he learnt that Joo-Young is a divorcee.

Chef Won-Cheol (played by Taecyeon) and his fiancee So-Mi (played by Lee Yeon-Hee), a nail artist, have been together for seven years with their wedding date quickly approaching. Several days prior to their wedding, So-Mi travels to Jeju island for a nail art competition where she met tour guide and web comic writer, Kyeong-Soo (played by Ju Ji-Hoon).

Gun-Ho (played by Ma Dong-Seok) runs a flower shop and is set to wed Vika (played by Guzal Tursunova) from Uzbekistan. Gun-Ho went to see urologist Joo-Young when he was suddenly inflicted with impotency. Joo-Young tells him that there is nothing wrong with him and his impotency is caused by stress.

Dae-Bok (played by Lee Hee-Joon) works at Joo-Young’s clinic. One day during a baseball game, his wedding planner girlfriend Yi-Ra (played by Go Joon-Hee) tells him that she is expecting. Dae-Bok proposes immediately. However, when they are preparing for their wedding, they start to argue a lot.

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