[COVER] innisfree Festa 2013 with Lee Min Ho

Singapore, 17 December 2013 – Following beauty brand innisfree’s official grand opening on November 22nd here in Singapore was innisfree’s first meet-and-greet; featuring the face of their brand – Lee Min Ho.


Actor Lee Min Ho had taken up the role of Gu Jun Pyo, a member of “F4” in the popular Hallyu drama “Boys over Flowers” and is often described as one of Korea’s leading “꽃미남”, which is directly translated into the phrase flower boy/man. Hence it is definitely befitting of this charismatic individual to hold the title as innisfree’s global ambassador.

In his latest drama, The Heirs, Min Ho takes up the role of Kim Tan, a successor to one of the most influential and wealthy companies in Korea. When asked which of the two characters he could better relate to, Min Ho replied that he relates to Kim Tan more. He stated that the hairstyle Kim Tan kept was more identical to his own and I guess we can all agree if we recall Jun Pyo’s trademark curly hair.

Lee Min Ho made an appearance at the media event, innisfree Festa 2013 after the short introductory speeches made by the company’s marketing directors about innisfree as a naturalism-oriented cosmetics brand.


As a company that focuses on the importance of our natural environment and embracing an eco-lifestyle, innisfree ensures that its products carry pure extracts of the pristine minerals found on Jeju island; where the beauty brand is based. Min Ho recommends the brand’s best selling Green Tea Seed Serum and states that the product helps him to maintain his clean and fresh-looking skin.


Lee Min Ho stated that his upcoming schedules would include overseas fan-meets similar to the one he had in town and mentioned that he was thankful for the amount of love and support given to The Heirs over the past few months. Min Ho also added that he was looking into new acting projects. “I hope everyone will look out for me as I take on more versatile roles,” he added during the press conference. He then said thank you in English much to everyone’s delight.

The press event came to an end as the actor teased the crowd with a simple “I love you”, in English no doubt, before leaving.


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