[INTERVIEW] Julie Tan goes on A Date With K-POP Stars


Maybe it was a dream too good to be true, but for Julie Tan (陈欣淇), the filming experience with K-POP stars was beyond words. The home-grown Mediacorp artiste who was offered an opportunity to film a travelogue in Korea last year, is now ready to show the TV audience what she had done, where she had visited, and who she had met during her two-week trip in the land of Kimchi.


In a recent phone interview with Julie, we asked if she had experienced any culture shock in Korea and the actress tells us, “It was my third visit to Korea, so there wasn’t that much of a culture shock for me since I’ve been there before and I do watch Korean dramas sometimes too. I ate raw crabs on my first day, which turned out to be quite yummy as I was actually afraid to try it initially… but I’m always the type to try some food that I don’t get to eat usually.”


Like many of us, Julie listens to K-POP music too. Her favorite star appears to be G-Dragon (leader of BIGBANG), as he is “someone who carries his own style“.

“I like his distinctive taste in fashion and music, it’s what that sets him apart from the others. His live performance at the Style Icon Awards was fantastic, and I really respect him as an artist.”


A Date With K-POP Stars, a co-production between Singapore and Korea’s CJ E&M, will begin airing its first episode on Channel U this February 21st, where fans can also look forward to seeing some of your favorite stars on the show such as Dal Shabet, Rainbow, Teen Top, A-JAX, Hwang Kwang Hee (ZE:A), etc.

When asked about her impression of the K-POP stars whom she met during this trip, Julie described using two words ‘Nice’ & ‘Friendly’.

“They looked so cool and full of swag in the music videos, but in person, they’re all really friendly.”

While you’re wondering how Julie is able to communicate with them, she tells us that aside from the on-set translators, she usually converses in English with a little bit of Korean she picked up from her Korean friends.


One of the interesting encounters was the dinner filming with Hwang Kwang Hee from K-POP boy band ZE:A. Because fans tend to be quite protective of their idol, I kind of felt a little distant at first when a crowd of them gathered inside the restaurant to watch us film. I avoided eye contact with Kwang Hee initially, and the production team even asked if I was alright. They told me not to think so much into it and just be myself. Kwang Hee was also very friendly and professional, so I felt more comfortable later on.” – Julie Tan


During the phone interview, we prompted Julie another question out of curiosity… Yes, about Korean boys. And this was what Julie says, “Korean boys are cute. They know all the ways that can make girls smile.”

Then we remembered that one of the A-JAX members, Jaehyung, had mentioned about Julie as his ideal type last year when they were in Singapore for the Vizit Korea 2013 event. In response to this, Julie simply laughed over the phone and added that Jaehyung is very friendly and has a good sense of humour.


And before we ended the conversation with Julie, we asked her to list the top three reasons she love about Korea. Here’s what Julie recommends:

  1. Autumn – “I love this season! It’s really romantic.
  2. Live Shows/Programs – “Go experience live programs if you could. It’s a very different and fun experience.
  3. Food – “Too many yummy choices to choose from!


A Date with K-POP Stars‘ will premiere on 21 February 2014, Friday at 9pm via Channel U. With a total of 6 episodes, discover the hottest trends in Korea, find out the hot spots where K-pop stars usually dine at, and witness the real scene of K-pop with Julie every Friday, 9pm only on Channel U, the first TV station in Asia to premiere this program.

We had a good time speaking to Julie over her experience in Korea, and can’t wait to catch the episodes on Channel U! Special shoutout to Mediacorp & Channel U for arranging the phone interview!

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