[COVER] FT Island Presents Primadonnas with FTHX Live in Singapore


Singapore, 7 March 2014 – The 5 treasured boys of FT Island recently held a full-fledged concert titled ‘FT Island 6th Anniversary [FTHX] Live in Singapore‘ at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. This concert holds a great significance for the fans of FT Island, especially dedicated to those who have supported and stayed with the band through the years.

The start of the press conference was filled with laughter as lead vocalist Hongki expressed his excitement to be in a warm country due to the extreme cold weather in Korea right now. However, he then complained that the weather in Singapore was way too hot, leaving the media nodding their heads in unison.

Being together as a group for almost 7 years, Hongki commented on their debut days, saying that it was not an easy start as they were among the first few idol boy bands who came out in the K-pop scene during the same period of time. Due to the fact that they had debuted at a relatively young age, people started having doubts in their skills and talents, which naturally became stressful for the members. But boy were we glad that their music career kicked off with a bang, as FT Island has clinched multiple awards since, and is now representing one of the hottest boy bands in Korea!

Said the members, “At this stage, we want to continue producing quality music for the fans. And we hope that they’ll enjoy our music as much as we do.

To top it off and make that day even more special, the birthday boy (Jonghun) revealed that he had surprises planned for the members. Instead of receiving a surprise from the members, Jonghun prepared something for them in return. However, Hongki joked that the members do not really like what he had prepared, causing a roar of laughter across the floor.

When asked if Jonghun would be revealing his well-trained body during the concert, he coolly replied that he is still working out now but is not prepared to show the fans.

On the other hand, Jaejin was glad to show some support for his member, Hongki, by singing an OST for his drama ‘Bride of the Century‘. Jaejin further revealed that he found Hongki‘s acting a little awkward at the beginning of the drama, but gradually became better from the third episode onwards. To which, Hongki cheekily added, “From the professional view, I think my acting is pretty natural.”

Before the end of the press conference, FT Island also showed their thoughtful sides as they encouraged fans to dress comfortably for their concert by wearing sneakers instead of high heels.

Primadonnas who’ve attended FT Island 6th Anniversary [FTHX] Live in Singapore, we hope you had enjoyed the concert as much as the boys do! It was truly a joy to have met these boys at the press conference, and we would like to thank ONE Production for extending the media invite to our publication.

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Article by: RongRong
Photos by: Nicole

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