[NEWS] 'Hot Young Bloods' to open in the Singapore theatres on March 20th, 2014

Hot Young Bloods Singapore Poster

Come March 20th, fans of Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young can finally catch the stars on the big screen at the theatres! Captivating all generations in an 80s romance, Hot Young Bloods, the back-to-the-past film, is set to fire up box offices in 2014 as the hot drama that changes the young bloods’ destinies unfolds.

A story about the last generation of young bloods under the strict national school uniform codes set in a country town in 1982, Hot Young Bloods is another blast to take viewers back to the past.


Synopsis of Hot Young Bloods

Young-sook‘ (acted by Park Bo Young) is the head of a high school girls’ gang who dominates her country town, but she secretly longs for attention from ‘Joong-gil‘ (acted by Lee Jong Suk), the legendary Casanova of Hong-sung Agricultural High.

Meanwhile, ‘Gwang-sik‘ (acted by Kim Young Kwang), the top bully of Hong-sung Technical High is mad over Young-sook who won’t open up her heart to him. Then, a new girl, ‘So-hee‘ (acted by Lee Se Young), moves down from Seoul and stirs up trouble in their relationships. Once he realizes Young-sook is troubled over Joong-gil who is intent on winning So-hee over, Gwang-sik eventually tries to harm So-hee. When Joong-gil steps up to stop Gwang-sik, Young-sook sacrifices herself without the slightest hesitation in order to save Joong-gil from Gwang-sik.


TITLE: Hot Young Bloods
DIRECTOR: LEE Yeon-woo (Running Turtle)
CAST: LEE Jong-suk, PARK Bo-young, LEE Se-young, KIM Young-kwang
PRESENTED BY: Lotte Entertainment
PRODUCED BY: Damsofilm
RUNNING TIME: 121 minutes
RELEASE DATE: January 22nd, 2014

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