[COVER] G-Dragon, Taeyang & Seungri treat fans to a one-of-a-kind mini-concert experience


Singapore, 15th March 2014 – Singapore VIPs were in luck again, this time experiencing an up-close and intimate fan meet like no other. It was the first time where the trio of BIG BANG (G-Dragon, Seungri & Taeyang) came together and performed at multiple legs across Asia including Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia (a day after Singapore). Although we were missing two members (T.O.P & Daesung) in attendance at the mini-concert-like fan event, fans were treated to a one-of-a-kind experience topped with solo and group performances, and it was fantastic while it lasted.


Hosted by 987FM‘s deejay, Dee Kosh, the fan meet – titled ‘Thinking Of You‘ – kicked start with a round of activity on stage, where a handful of lucky (and hopeful) fans from the Arena, Premium and standing zones had the opportunity to leave their seats/spots and get on stage to where the members were. With the fans tagged to an individual number each, the trio was then tasked to pick their favourite number to decide who their partner will be.


And the game? They had to dress their partner up with the costume props provided on stage – and according to the theme they picked too! (Taeyang – Hip-hop concept; Seungri – Sexy concept; G-Dragon – Cute concept)

It may just be the luckiest day for the three fans, for they not only get to interact with the BIG BANG members, but also received an exclusive polaroid photo instantly!


The fan meet continued with solo performances by Taeyang, including ‘Superstar‘, ‘I Need A Girl‘, ‘Only Look At Me‘, and the ever popular ‘RINGA LINGA‘.


The excitement was not over still. Seungri took over the stage next, showcasing his slick and goofy dance moves in ‘Let’s Talk About Love‘, followed by ‘Gotta Talk To You‘, ‘Strong Baby‘, ‘GG Be‘ and ‘What Can I Do‘. During his performances, Seungri was all eager and excited to show how much he has improved in English  – and we can all be witnesses, we know he tried his best. ^_^ And we know he loves chilli crab and G-Dragon!


As the night drew closer, G-Dragon was the last to perform his solo songs. He blew the audiences off with ‘One Of A Kind‘, ‘Michigo‘, ‘Crayon‘, and the much anticipated stage ‘Crooked‘. At one point during ‘Crooked‘, the leader of BIG BANG found himself posing and sitting by the stage, much to the excitement of the fans in the standing pit.

The show was not complete without group performances, where the trio joined forces to perform ‘Let’s Talk About Love‘, ‘Bad Boy‘ and finally the hot favourite item ‘Fantastic Baby‘.

IMG_0223As what the boys had said, they will try their best to return to Singapore as five in the near future, and until then we shall keep our fingers crossed and hope that the day will come soon!

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Article by: Meixian
Photos Credit: Launch Entertainment


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