[NEWS] Celebrate Songkran 2014 Hops On National Water Conservation Effort

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Singapore, 24th  March 2014 – In light of the longest dry spell experienced in Singapore, organizers of Celebrate Songkran 2014 have taken extraordinary measures to eliminate any water wastage during the event. Adopting a water conservation theme will result in a drastic conceptual change of the event.

Supporting the national water conservation drive
Singapore has experienced the longest dry spell in years, and there have been numerous calls for saving our  precious water. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had recently urged the nation on his Facebook: “Do try your best to conserve water, and use only what you really need.”

With the evolution of Songkran festivals and celebrations over the years, it has become very closely associated with water splashing activities. Similarly, Celebrate Songkran 2014 was initially conceptualized as a “water festival” party, with many activities revolving around water, such as water fights with water pistols and water splashing. This initial event concept of Songkran, would consume a lot of water.

Today, organizers of this inaugural event announced that they have come on board the national effort to conserve water, and have made a decision to change the concept of this event, by removing water activities that will lead to water wastage.

Official Statement by T J Chin, Event Producer and Director of Celebrate Songkran 2014:

“We wish to do our part for water, especially having recently gone through the longest dry spell in Singapore. Water is precious, so every drop saved will count.

We took the initiative and consulted with PUB, discussed and explored how we can be part of the national water conservation effort. After extensive discussions, we have decided to remove activities that will lead to water wastage, and also set up an additional area within the event compound, and will be hosting a Water Conservation and Water Heritage Exhibition, jointly with the PUB.

Everyone should play a part in saving water, and we are no exception. We hope that by making this decision, others who are planning similar activities or events during this period of dry spell, will follow suit.

Songkran is a term derived from the Sanskri. It is also commonly known as the traditional New Year celebrated in Thailand and several Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, among others. The Songkran Festival has also been observed as a symbol of hospitality, love and the importance of maintaining strong relationships within families, communities and society as a whole. With water-splashing activities removed, we will be enlarging our carnival area, and include more rides, games and activities to make the event equally, if not more, fun-filled for our attendees. We are confident that by removing water splashing activities from the event will not remove the true meaning of Songkran.

We will also be hoping to work with the Thai Embassy, as well as the Tourism Authority of Thailand, to incorporate more traditional and heritage elements of Thai Songkran into the event. We hope to spread and educate more people about the true meaning of Songkran. We had never wanted to be a replacement. We are an alternative – to be a venue for people who cannot be where they wish to be during this festive period.”

Tickets to Celebrate Songkran 2014 are available via www.celebratesongkran.com. Find out which international artistes will be attending and headlining the festival HERE!

For more details:
Festival Website: www.celebratesongkran.com
Festival Facebook: www.facebook.com/celebratesongkran


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