[COVER] Yiruma Live in Singapore 2014 Press Conference


[RECAP] Internationally renowned pianist Yiruma recently wrapped up his first solo concert in Singapore which saw a full-house audience at The Star Theatre on 5th April 2014. As mesmerizing as his music sounds, Yiruma, who’ve performed at sold-out concerts in various countries across Asia, Europe and North America, was initially worried about performing in a 5000-seat arts theatre. During the press conference, he was however all eager and excited to meet the Singapore audience, as he hoped that “(their) reactions to (my) performance would be good”.


Speaking about performing on stage, the humble pianist confessed that he still has to deal with stage fright these days even though he is, or what the public view as, a veteran artist when it comes to stage experiences. While Yiruma tries not to show his nervousness on stage, he revealed that he will often dress in indigo colours as these colours help to calm his nerves and make him feel comfortable on stage.


When asked about his opinion on music, Yiruma says that piano music helps to calm and heal one’s soul, whereby the instrumental itself makes one feel spiritual. Among his compositions, the most popular pieces are ‘River Flows In You‘, ‘Kiss The Rain‘, and ‘Maybe‘, which have earned him the deserved recognition and popularity as an artist.

River Flows In You is inspired by a river dance and it’s a performance with just the use of fingers. Whereas Kiss The Rain was sung before, so it felt really different from the original composition.”


The South Korean pianist also added that he occasionally writes for K-pop artists as well, “I enjoyed writing K-pop songs as I can find different ideas and get to collaborate with the singers. It was much more fun as compared to composing for instrumental songs alone.”

Some of the K-pop artists which he’ve collaborated with include SHINee (Selene 6.23), Ailee (Higher), Baek Ji Young (I Hate It) and Hyolyn (Halo).

It was certainly a pleasure to have met Yiruma at the press conference, and we would like to thank MODE Entertainment for extending the media invitation to HallyuSG. To view more photos taken at the press conference, check out our Facebook page HERE and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates on K-pop events in Singapore!

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