[COVER] Emergency Couple Meet & Greet Session in Singapore


[RECAP] Over 2,000 fans showed up at Square 2 on a Thursday evening  just to catch a glimpse of the Emergency Couple (Choi Jin-hyuk & Song Ji-hyo) last week, as they made a special appearance at the mall prior to their fan meeting the next day.

Visiting Singapore for the first time, Jin-hyuk expressed his excitement to meet the fans and was equally as surprised as Ji-hyo when they saw the amount of fans who turned up at the Meet & Greet session.


When asked if he shares similar characteristics to his character (Oh Chang-min) in the drama, Jin-hyuk nodded and said, “I’m a bright person like Chang-min. In reality, I play a lot of pranks on people. (Laughs) On a different note, I am not as bad-tempered as my role in the drama. I’ll never throw things at my girlfriend and say such harsh words to her. (Referring to the fighting scenes)”

Added Ji-hyo, “Jin-hyuk is very mischievous on set! It was really fun having the comical scenes in the drama, and you’ll be able to view the different sides of us too. In terms of personality, we are rather serious when it comes to work. I’m sure you guys have seen me on Running Man, that’s how I am usually. (Laughs) And like what Jin-hyuk had pointed out, I’ve never had such a fight with my boyfriend as well.”


On challenges faced while filming the series, Ji-hyo mentioned that it was particularly stressful acting in a medical drama, as they were worried about delivering themselves naturally in terms of the professional medical terms used as well as the way they behaved.

“Especially while performing surgeries or using the medical equipment – that was definitely a challenge to us.” (Ji-hyo)

“It took a lot of hard work and time to film a short scene, so we did a lot of homework on our part as well.” (Jin-hyuk)

And according to the male actor, the chemistry on set couldn’t be better. Jin-hyuk described about the fun experience working with Ji-hyo and revealed that it was actually the intense fighting scenes that bonded them together.


For those who’ve already watched the drama, you would have known that there was a special cameo appearance by Kang Gary, the other half that makes up the ‘Monday Couple’ with Ji-hyo. When asked about Gary’s cameo in the drama, Ji-hyo rates her ‘Monday Boyfriend’ a 10 out of 10 for his performance, much to the delight of the Monday Couple fans.

“I was very grateful to have Gary-oppa on the show. I called him on the phone and he agreed to it immediately. In fact, he happened to be in Singapore at that point of time when he received my call and he was very happy to appear in the drama. It feels pretty surreal now that I’m back to Singapore and am sharing this with all my Singapore fans!” (Ji-hyo)


Before the Meet & Greet session rounded up, the Emergency Couple thanked the fans for their energy and passion, and asked everyone for their support to the drama that is currently airing on channel M.

“I am really happy to hear that our drama is well-received in Singapore. I feel that this romance-comedy drama is one that everyone can connect to, and it’s ongoing right now so I hope that you guys will continue showing some love and support for the drama.” (Ji-hyo)

If you have not watch the drama, Emergency Couple airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10pm on channel M (StarHub TV Ch. 824 and SingTel mio TV Ch. 518). Don’t miss it!

Check out more exclusive photos from below, and special thanks to channel M for the media invitation to the event!

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Article by: Meixian
Photos by: Nicole

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