[NEWS] Channel M presents a brand new Express From Korea program arrangement


As K-pop continues its reign and influence over Asia, channel M will begin a new program arrangement starting from June, in order to further satisfy the audiences’ desire for the latest and coolest K-pop content! The new arrangement includes hit music show “M! Countdown”, beauty show “Let Me In S4” and Dancing competition show “Dancing9 S2”. These programs will follow closely to the Korea airing date, and guarantee to be delivered to the audience within 1 week after the Korean premier!


M! Countdown (1 day after the Korean premiere, even comes with Chi/Eng subtitles on the next day!)
Starting May 23, Every Fri 8pm

To fulfil audiences’ strong desire in getting the most up-to-date K-pop news, chM is now bringing the latest M! COUNTDOWN to the screen! As Korea’s No.1 K-Pop countdown show with top artists such as EXO, Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, CN Blue, every week we present the latest K-Pop chart with special performances, fantastic stages and the biggest scale. Viewers can meet come back stars with their new songs first in M! COUNTDOWN.


Let Me In Season 4 (6 days after the Korean premiere!)
Premieres Jun 4, every Wed 11pm

Let Me In‘ is the Korean biggest makeover show for those who struggle to overcome their inferiority complex, both mentally and physically.  With the help of medical experts, they begin their journey to overcome this inferiority complex and dream for new life, not just by changing their looks, but their lives and destinies. It is touching to see their changes in personality and mindset.  Each episode features two people, seen first in their “before” phase how they are suffering from complex in given condition, then as they undergo their various procedures, and finally, in a unveiling – the “after” -the candidates reveal their new selves to their families and friends.

New season kickstarts with a campaign to offer free surgery to those who are suffering from an eye disease or blepharoptosis and are unable to afford treatment. With new MCs on board, Mir from MBLAQ & Lady Jane, it will continue to encourage self-esteem and dream for new life.


Dancing 9 , Season 2 (5 days after Korean premiere!)
Premieres Jun 19, every Thu 7pm

The first dance survival competition from Korea! More powerful, More captivating than ever! 18 contestants are divided into two teams, Blue Eye and Red Wings with 9 members each. A live performance each week where the two teams perform will determine the winner. Every week, it captures our eyes & ears by overwhelming performance, the result of effort and teamwork.

The competition and excitement intensifies this season with the addition of new team mentors, Kim Soo-ro for Blue Eye and last season’s MVP Ha Hwee-dong for Red Wings.


channel M is available in English and Chinese subtitles on StarHub TV Ch. 824 and SingTel mio TV Ch. 518.

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