[COVER] Korean Night Festival 6: KWave Evolution

[RECAP] Last Saturday was an enjoyable day for most K-Pop fans as they got to experience the richness of Korea’s cultural heritage and its modern allure through a range of exhibits (Korean traditional costumes, Korean food, Games, K-Pop and Taekwondo) during the annual Korea Night Festival (KNF6) which took place at the Singapore Conference Hall.

The highlight of the festival was the concert in the evening where the Top 10 finalists (Lerene Tong, NEON, CYPHER, BLANCHE, AERO, STARRESECONDS, CL1MAX, Josephine, DESTRICT, POWER OF SIX) battled out in the K-Pop World Festival Competition and special guest performance by K-Pop boy band LUNAFLY.

First up for the concert was a special dance performance by Dance Factory (a Singapore performing dance school for Hip-Hop and K-Pop).

Each finalists then unveiled their own unique dance and vocal performances, leaving the judges a hard time to decide on the winners for the competition.


After the Top 10 finalists’ performances, Ildo Taekwondo took the stage and showcased their Taekwondo moves which left all the audiences in awe.


Lucky draw was then conducted where many lucky audiences got to walk away with attractive prizes which were sponsored by the sponsors of the festival. Then was the announcement of the result for the K-Pop World Festival Competition which was an emotional moment for the Top 10 finalists and we congratulate all the winners from the Vocal and Dance category.

The evening was completed with a special guest appearance by K-Pop boy band LUNAFLY who took the stage with ‘Superhero‘ and ‘Stardust‘. The boys felt really honored to be invited for this festival to promote Korean culture in Singapore. Sam added that the performances put up by all the finalists were fantastic and he wished that LUNAFLY could dance like them too.

The boys also shared the they love Nando’s and would always eat it whenever they are in Singapore as it is not available in Korea. Teo even joked that he would treat fans to Nando’s if it is available in Korea as his credit cards can only be used in Korea.

The boys ended the concert with ‘Special Guy‘ and ‘Fly to Love‘ which got the LUKIES off their seats to sing along with them and before getting off the stage, some lucky fans even got to Hi-5 with Sam!

Special thanks to Daehan Education Centre for extending the media invite to the Korean Night Festival 6: KWave Evolution. Do check out more exclusive photos of LUNAFLY from our Facebook page HERE! (All Rights Reserved to HallyuSG. Please refrain from removing or editing the watermark on the images.)

Article & Photos by: RongRong

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