[NEWS] High School King of Savvy to premiere on channel M this July


At a recent press conference, leading actor Seo In Guk who stars in High School King of Savvy shared, “I feel honored to be part of this interesting comic drama. I believe the charm that this character will appeal to most of the audiences, hence my decision to take on this role.  I caught the screener of the first episode with my fellow actors and actresses recently.  The pace of the story is so very tight and interesting and all you fans out there should really check out this drama!

He added, “The storyline is very relatable and different from “Yoon Jae” in Reply 1997 whose image was academic and serious. I will be portraying a more fun and jolly character this time round through. However, I still wear “high school uniform”, similar to when I was in Reply 1997. I love to play young characters and wear school uniform as long as it still suits me.

The King of High School Manners_Seo In-guk

In High School King of Savvy, Seo In Guk plays Lee Min-suk, a high school student who is also the star of his varsity ice hockey player. He and his older brother Hyung-suk look very much alike, despite their nine-year age gap. When he gets a mysterious phone call from Hyung-suk telling him to impersonate his brother at the latter’s new job, Min-suk is forced to pretend to be a high-ranking executive at a renown Tech company.  As he treads along a double life while unaware of the rules within the Korean workplace, Min-suk learns how to work his way in the world of adults with the help of Jung Soo-young, a temp with an odd personality.

High School King of Savvy premieres 7 July, Every Monday and Tuesday at 10pm on channel M (StarHub TV Ch. 824 and SingTel mio TV Ch. 518).

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