[NEWS] 2AM’s Jeong Jin Woon and Secret’s Han Sun Hwa to Join CJ E&M’s New Romantic Comedy Drama “Marriage over Love”

Marriage over Love (1)CJ E&M has announced that K-Pop idol stars Jeong Jin Woon from 2AM and Han Sun Hwa from Secret will join the new romantic comedy drama Marriage over Love. A teaser clip featuring the two stars and official photos from the show’s launch press conference held in Seoul on June 26 were also released.

Marriage over Love (2)

In Marriage over Love, lead actor Yeon Woo Jin plays a bachelor who has no plans to get married. Tired of dealing with pressure from his parents to get married, he comes up with the idea to date a woman, played by actress Han Groo, who he thinks his parents would never approve of. In supporting roles, 2AM’s Jeong Jin Woon will play a good looking flirt who does not believe in love, while Secret’s Han Sun Hwa will play an elite doctor who thinks marriage is unnecessary.

Check out the teaser clip below!

Marriage over Love will air on CJ E&M’s total entertainment channel tvN every Friday and Saturday at 8:40PM (KST) starting July 4th.

Marriage over Love Teaser

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