[COVER] 2NE1 'All Or Nothing' Press Conference in Singapore


[RECAP] In a press conference held prior to their ‘All Or Nothing’ world tour in Singapore, the girls from 2NE1 made a public appearance at Square 2 and shared about their preparations for the concert that was to take place the same evening at Singapore Indoor Stadium.


Dara, who has a fear of heights, tells the fans that there was no particular difficulty or challenge faced while preparing for the concert, with the exception that she wasn’t able to rest or eat well due to the flight turbulence she experienced prior. CL further pointed out that Dara and Minzy couldn’t eat anything as they had to keep their bodies in a good shape for the concert.


On 2NE1’s latest album CRUSH, CL explains that a lot of effort was put in to produce and record the songs.

“It was our second album in four years, so we’re definitely very excited to put up the album, meet our fans, and let you guys listen to our new songs.”

When asked about their agency, YG Entertainmentone of South Korea’s leading music labels, CL spoke on behalf of the group, saying that it was the freedom to do what they like to do (such as producing music), that gave YG an edge over the others.


And while CL has been working hard on composing songs in the new album, Park Bom shares that the rest of the members are enjoying the songs well too.

“We’re really happy that we are singing CL’s self-composed songs. She works on our pitches individually and I am personally very thankful for it.”

Added Dara, “I am happy that we have a new producer for our album. CL always brings out the best in us.”

In response to this, CL continued, “They (2NE1) actually requested me for their solo songs. If I am the main producer, I will compose a song for Dara that will showcase her sweet voice. For Minzy, I’d like to make her a song that she could dance to. And for Bom, a very soulful song will suit her (voice) the best.”


On 2NE1’s solo activities for this year, Park Bom, who has been filming with SBS Roommate (a South Korean reality show), was asked about her ideal room mate whom she’d like to pair up with on the show. The question was followed by loud echoes from the fans, who shouted “Bodong! Bodong! in unison. For those who didn’t catch the show, ‘Bodong‘ refers to the popular ‘Park Bom & Lee Dong Wook‘ pairing in short, as the pair was known for their close friendship in Roommate. ‘Bodong’ has also gained a huge following ever since the show aired.

Though she did not exactly answer the question, Park Bom’s reaction was enough to delight the fans as she exclaims, “Oh my god. I actually talked to Lee Dong Wook about this (nickname). We were really surprised!”

The topic later switched to the best and worst roommate in 2NE1, to which CL shares, “We have been living together since pre-debut and we’re so used to having one another around to the point that we don’t know how to judge now anymore.”



If you’ve missed 2NE1’s All Or Nothing World Tour, make sure you keep September 13th & 14th free because 2NE1 will return to Singapore again for YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power in Singapore, and they will be joined by Big Bang, Epik High, WINNER & PSY! Limited tickets are still available for purchase via SportsHubTix, all Singpost outlets and Singapore Indoor Stadium box office.

Special thanks to ONE Production for extending the media invite to 2NE1’s All Or Nothing Press Conference in Singapore. More exclusive photos of 2NE1 can be viewed from our FB album HERE!

Article by: Meixian
Photos by: Nicole

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