[COVER] Song Seung Heon hesitates on marriage and shares thoughts on his first erotic feature film 'OBSESSED'


Singapore, 29 July 2014 – Fans of Song Seung Heon got a chance to meet the Korean heartthrob on 25th July 2014 at City Square Mall in Singapore as the actor was in town to promote his new movie, OBSESSED.

Though he is best known for his roles in TV dramas such as Autumn in My Heart, My Princess and Dr. Jin, his upcoming movie sees him showcasing a different side of his acting as he embarks on his first erotic feature film.


Speaking at a press conference before his Meet & Greet, the 37-year-old star revealed that he was originally drawn to the character of Kim Jin-pyong as he felt that their personalities were quite similar, “probably because he (Kim) is very quiet, reserved and not somebody who is very open and outspoken” said Song, “so I thought that I could put a lot into the movie and the role”. Kim Jin-pyong’s ability to sacrifice everything for his true love was also something that attracted Song to the part.


Acknowledging the attention the erotic aspect of the film has been drawing from the public, the star confessed that he was actually a little uncomfortable when it came to the filming of big sex scenes.

“I have to say that I was very much shy to have 20 to 30 people looking on” he said, adding that his co-star Lim Ji-yeon’s composure during the filming for the intimate scenes helped him feel more at ease. “She was very brave and very calm, so I must say that I learned that from her”.


As for his preparation for the movie, Song laughingly stated during the press conference: “I think this was the very first time I was so hungry during the entire production, I tried to stay fit and perfect for the scenes I was involved in. If I were to decide to do [this movie], why not make the best out of it, so I tried my best for the love scenes.”


“I try to keep healthy with my diet and exercise, and I don’t smoke, so that was my secret behind [maintaining a good physique]”
– Song Seung Heon


In OBSESSED, Song Seung Heon assumes the role of Kim Jin-pyong, a married army colonel and decorated war hero who falls in love with his officer’s wife, Ga-heun (Lim Ji-yeon). Their forbidden love affair sees him risking everything he has accomplished so far, and threatens them both with inevitable tragedy.

Reflecting upon what he would do if he ever meets such circumstances in real life, Song said that he hopes such a situation would never happen to him. “If you think about it, it’s actually finding a true and first love after your marriage,” said the star, “so I hope that, in that sense, such a heartbreaking situation will not come to me. And after having filmed this movie, I felt that it’s even more difficult to actually get married. I’ll think twice about getting married and be a little more cautious than I was initially.”


OBSESSED is Song Seung Heon’s first R-rated film in his illustrious 17-year long acting career

When asked if his family members would watch the movie, he replied: “When I first told my mom, she was very excited and said that she was going to watch the movie with all her friends,” laughing a little, Song continued “but then I was a little…you know…Mom…I think you might want to watch it alone, it’s a little sensual, and she said that that’s probably why all my friends want to watch this together. So they did.”


Thanking his fans during the Meet & Greet, Song disclosed that he is already planning his next movie. “I’m very grateful for all the attention and support that all the fans have given me, I very much appreciate it. After this movie promotion, I will be heading to China, to film a movie with a Korean director and Chinese female lead, so I hope you can look out for that.”

OBSESSED opens in Golden Village on July 31 and is rated R-21 in Singapore.

Special thanks to Golden Village Pictures for the media invitation to OBSESSED press conference and Meet & Greet event in Singapore. Check out more exclusive photos of Song Seung Heon on our Facebook page HERE!

Article by: Cara Yin
Photos by: Nicole Quek

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