[COVER] Highlights of NTU Fest 2014 featuring live performances from Kang Gary and Jung-In


Singapore, 16 August 2014 – Last Saturday, fans of Running Man‘s Kang Gary and singer Jung-In were in luck as they got to catch the duo performing live at a charity fiesta – NTU Fest 2014 – organized by the undergraduates of Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

NTU Fest 2014, which was held at The Padang last Saturday, was organized with an aim to raise money for Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Endowment Fund which provides financial assistance to the needy ITE students. It was an ambitious one-day event which includes a carnival, charity run and free concert headlined by Kang Gary and Jung-In.

The highlight of the charity fiesta was the free concert in the evening. The concert kicked off with a special performance from the finalists of Project Superstar 2014 who belted out their vocals and hyped up the crowd at The Padang.

The Final 1 champion Farisha Ishak then took the stage with two of her own hit songs – ‘Tonight‘ and ‘Aligned‘ – from her newly released debut album, Aligned. Dashing heartthrob Mediacorp artiste Desmond Tan also made a special appearance for the free concert, mesmerizing the crowd with a Chinese song, ‘Ye Ye Ye Ye‘.


Thereafter, the new cast of Mata-Mata Season 2, including Rebecca Lim, Pan Ling Ling, Priscelia Chan, Cynthia Koh, Chen Tian Wen and Rayve Tay took the stage to entertain and interact with the crowd. Before the main highlight of the free concert, District XII, comprising the students from NTU Residence Hall 12, hyped up the crowd with several song covers such as ‘Counting Stars‘ and ‘Titanium‘.

Finally, the finale stage was took over by storm as Kang Gary and Jung-In captured the hearts of the crowd, belting out a total of 8 songs. First up was Singer Jung-In who showcased her strong vocal with a cover of John Legend‘s ‘All of Me‘ and also one of her own hit songs ‘Love Is‘.


After the solo performance from Jung-In, Kang Gary then joined the stage with Jung-In, driving the crowd wild with ‘Drunken Night Tune‘ and ‘Humility Is Hard‘.


During the song break, Jung-In shared that this was her first time in Singapore and she was really glad to be here with Gary. Kang Gary then exclaimed that he learned a new Singapore lingo and shouted, “SINGAPORE NTU SHIOK!”, causing a roar of laughter across the floor.


The duo then continued with ‘The Girl Who Can’t Breakup and The Guy Who Can’t Leave‘. When introducing the next song, Kang Gary teased the crowd by saying to them in English, “This is our last song… (after hearing the crowd’s disappointment), but there is encore song! Last song is ‘Your Scent‘.”


During the encore stage, Kang Gary serenaded the crowd with one of Leessang‘s hit songs, ‘You’re The Answer To A Guy Like Me‘. The evening then ended on a high note with Jung-In back on stage with Kang Gary, performing ‘Rush‘.

Special thanks to NTU for the media invitation to NTU Fest 2014. Check out more exclusive photos of Kang Gary and Jung-In on our Facebook page HERE!

Article by: RongRong
Photos by: Cara Yin

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