[K-FOOD] Mid-Autumn Special: HANSANG Korean Restaurant launches new menu for Chuseok


As we celebrate Chuseok, or Mid-Autumn Festival, HANSANG puts together the finest selections of meat from your favourite Korean choices to create the best BBQ set and HanJeongSik (Course Meal) menu for the whole family.

Chuseok marks the celebration of a major harvest festival in Korea and families commemorate this by gathering to enjoy a meal like HanJeongSik that is made with the freshly harvested ingredients.

BBQ Set – Served with: Japchae (Glass Noodles with Vegetables), Jeon (Kimchi or Seafood Pancake), Bean Paste Soup, side dishes with 4 types of Kimchi, assorted vegetables for wrap and stone pot rice

The BBQ set is made up of a premium meat selection of beef and pork grilled on HANSANG’s Smokeless Charcoal Roaster. The 5 types of beef meat included in this set are Wagyu Fillet, Wagyu Brisket, USDA Prime Ribeye, Marinated Beef Short Rib and LA Beef Ribs, and the 5 types of pork meat include Pork Belly, Pork Loin, Pork Jowl, Pork Collar Meat, as well as Marinated Pork Rib. The BBQ set is served with a selection of delicious side dishes for a more balanced diet.

HanJeongSik (Course Meal)
HanJeongSik (Course Meal) – Served with: Ground Yellow Bean Stew, Bean Paste Soup, 10 types of side dishes including 4 types of Kimchi, assorted vegetables for wrap and stone pot rice

HanJeongSik (Course Meal) is a traditional Korean course meal made for those who love a variety of tastes. It contains 6 types of main dishes including Beef Bulgogi, Spicy Pork Bulgogi, Grilled Mackerel, Jokbal (Pig’s Trotter), Bossam (Boiled Pork Belly), and Sweet and Spicy Pork Rib. This meal also includes your favourite Korean appetizers like Japchae, Jon, Haemul NaengChae (Seafood and Vegetable Salad) and Chongpo Muk (Green Pea Jelly with Vegetables).

If these new additions leave you wanting for more, you can still head over to the buffet line at for Korean charcoal BBQ to further enhance your Korean dining experience. With over 9 types of meat and seafood, a variety of bulgogi, over 10 types of appetizers and all of your favourite Korean side dishes among the mix of Korean cuisines served at HANSANG, you will be spoilt for choice.

Check out HANSANG’s official website (www.hansangkorean.com) or HANSANG’s official Facebook page to find out more. For advance reservations, please call HANSANG at +65 6463 6508.

HANSANG Korean Restaurant is located at 200 Turf Club Road, #02-14, The Grandstand.

Operating Hours
Restaurant: 11.30 am – 10 pm daily

Buffet Prices*
Lunch (11:30am-3:00pm) – $30.80++
Dinner (5:00-7:00pm) – $36.80++
Dinner (7:00-9:30pm) – $38.80++
* Complimentary dining for children below 90cm in height

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