[COVER] So Ji Sub says he prefers to be called 'Sexy' than 'Handsome'!


[RECAP] Prior to his ‘Let’s Have Fun‘ Fan Meeting in Singapore, Korean heartthrob So Ji Sub made a public appearance at City Square Mall for a press conference and met over hundreds of fans who showed up to catch a glimpse of the star.

Visiting Singapore for the first time, So Ji Sub expressed his excitement to meet the fans and felt grateful for his popularity in Korean drama Master’s Sun, where he played the leading role as ‘Joo Joong-won‘.


When asked if he shares similar characteristics to his character (Joo Joong-won) in the drama, So Ji Sub said, “I think Joo Joong-won is a total opposite of who I am. In reality, I am not very talkative and I will try to keep everything to myself.”

The host then jokingly asked if he will date someone who can see ghosts just like the character (Tae Gong-shil played by Gong Hyo-jin) in the drama. So Ji Sub replied, “If she is the woman I love, it doesn’t matter.”

On a question about the type of supernatural powers he hope to have in order to protect his loved ones, So Ji Sub humbly answered, “I think I’d like to be an ordinary person. A super power comes with its good and bad sides so I’m just happy with the way I am!”


Being a professed long-time Hip Hop lover, So Ji Sub released his third album titled ‘18 Years‘ in June this year to which he shared, “This album expresses my feelings for the past 18 years of my acting career. I wrote the lyrics myself and I hope that those who have listened to my album can feel what I feel.”


When asked about his choice between sexy and handsome, So Ji Sub revealed that he would prefer to be called sexy than handsome, causing the fans to squeal in unison. He then greedily added that aside from being sexy, he wants to be a good actor and rapper at the same time.

About his ideal girl, So Ji Sub showed his cheeky side and said, “I like an obedient girl in the day and a sexy girl at night.” On a serious note, he added, “I think the looks doesn’t matter. What matters is that she is someone who can understand what I do and is considerate.”


The press conference left us all in delight as the star threw out a new phrase “I Love You lah” which he had just learned in Singapore, before bidding goodbye with the fans. During the fan meeting that was held the next day at The Star Theatre, So Ji Sub showcased different sides of him as he transformed from a charming actor to a charismatic rapper on stage.

A handful of fans were chosen to answer some questions from So Ji Sub, and one lucky female fan was even invited on stage to receive a proposal ring from the star! Though of course this was just part of the show, So Ji Sub emphasized that the ring was a gift specially customized and prepared for his fans.



The evening was further hyped when the star returned on stage in a different outfit, belting out hits along with special guest performer Soul Dive, including crowd’s favourites ‘XXX‘, ‘AOAOA‘, and ‘Boy Go‘ among many others. While it was a fan meeting akin to a mini-concert, we enjoyed the live performances as much as the audience did, and were especially impressed by So Ji Sub’s rapping skills.

For fans who’re still hanging over from the withdrawals, check out our set of exclusive photos from So Ji Sub’s press conference! Much thanks to Fast Track Events for the invitation to So Ji Sub’s Singapore press conference and fan meeting.

Master’s Sun airs on ONE (StarHub TV Ch. 823 or SingTel mio TV Ch. 513) every Monday to Friday at 6.25pm, definitely one drama you should not miss!

Article by: RongRong
Press Conference Photos by: Nicole
Fan Meeting Photos by: Fast Track Events

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