[K-DRAMA] CJ E&M Releases Photos of Action Scenes at New Drama “Bad Guys” starring Park Hae Jin


CJ E&M, Asia’s leading content and media company, released photos of action scenes at the upcoming drama ‘Bad Guys’. The highly anticipated crime investigation drama of the second half year will air on its premium movie channel OCN starting October 4 at 10:00PM (KST).

Bad Guys

Starring a rising heartthrob Park Hae Jin, veteran action stars Jo Dong Hyuk and Ma Dong Suk, Bad Guys is an 11-episode thriller about a heartless detective (Kim Sang Joong) who gathers convicted criminals for a special crime squad to fight against violent crimes in the city. The criminals include Park Hae Jin as a young, intelligent but psychopathic serial killer and Jo Dong Hyuk who plays a professional assassin. Ma Dong Suk stars as a head of gangsters in Seoul.

Bad Guys airs on OCN every Saturday at 10:00PM (KST) starting October 4.

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