[COVER] YG Family goes on a selfie spree at their Singapore press conference


[RECAP] YG Family made their way to Singapore last weekend for their world tour, which saw BIG BANG, 2NE1, EPIK HIGH, PSY and WINNER hyping the crowd over two nights at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Present at the press conference were BIG BANG, 2NE1, EPIK HIGH, and YG’s newest boy band WINNER.



When asked about their impression of Singapore, EPIK HIGH‘s Tablo said that he loves the weather here, especially emphasizing on the sun and heat, while 2NE1‘s CL commented that they felt welcome to be back.

Daesung further added that there was one occasion when the BIG BANG members have had too many servings of chilli & pepper crabs (because they’re so delicious that it’s hard to resist!) during the Alive Tour in Singapore, causing them to ‘went home walking sideways‘.


On a question about artist inspiration and future collaboration, T.O.P spoke on behalf of the group, sharing that WINNER has become BIG BANG’s inspiration simply because “they are WINNER“, and added that they’d like to work with fellow labelmates 2NE1 and EPIK HIGH to produce more epic collaborations.


Like how their sunbae-nims (seniors) feel, WINNER‘s Seungyoon expressed that BIG BANG has always been the group’s inspiration to strive harder. On composing music wise, the leader humbly shared that he gets his inspiration from YG Family.

“It is a great honour to perform with our sunbaes at the YG Family World Tour. Now that we are the artistes standing on stage, we will do our best and work hard to be a great part of YG Family.” -Kang Seungyoon of WINNER

And the most memorable moment since their debut? Seungyoon says, “This would be the most memorable moment. The fact that we are here in Singapore performing with YG Family makes us feel that this moment is very special and precious. I’m sure that all these will turn into good memories to remember in the future.”

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At the press conference, 2NE1 was asked about the difference performing at YG Family concert and their own solo concert, to which Dara replied, “At YG Family concert, we are able to showcase different sides of ourselves and the best part is, fans can look forward to special collaboration stages with YG artistes which they don’t see at our solo concert.”

When the host prompted if 2NE1 members have plans to take up other projects, Dara shared that she’d like to give acting a shot just like T.O.P who’s involved in his recent movie ‘Tazza 2’. She was then interrupted by T.O.P whom requested her to act out a teary scene on the spot, but to everyone’s surprise, Dara smiled shyly and said, “I would rather try out a kissing scene…. And I will show it to all of you next time!”

On who she’d like to do the kissing scene with, Dara replied, “This is a very difficult question. I choose Mithra oppa!” (And there in the background, we hear Taeyang prompting the rest, “Right now! Right now!”. Sure enough, we can feel the big YG Family love here!)

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On EPIK HIGH‘s upcoming activities, DJ Tukutz revealed that they will be making a comeback with their 8th album soon, “It’s a secret. We don’t want to become spoilers by revealing too much, but for sure, fans can anticipate a great project in the making. It will be amazing!”

They were then asked who EPIK HIGH would like to collaborate with. Said Tablo, “Without a doubt, the boss of YG – Yang Hyun Suk. We would like to do a collaboration with him.” (Host: Will he take up the challenge?) “It will be a rap and dance collaboration.”

Looks like we can either look forward to it or hope that Papa YG would agree to it. It’ll definitely be an epic collaboration if he does collaborate with EPIK HIGH!

Special thanks to Samsung Singapore & ONE Production for the media invitation to YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power in Singapore press conference. Check out more exclusive photos from the press conference below or visit our Flickr album HERE to view them in higher quality!

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Article & Photos by: Meixian

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