[K-POP] Getting to know Royal Pirates: The Next Hallyu Rock Stars


Comprising of 3 members Moon (Vocal & Guitar), Soo Yoon (Drum) and James (Bass), Korean-American rock band Royal Pirates will be touring with Lee Min Ho for his upcoming global tour “RE:MINHO”. For this concert, Royal Pirates will be performing their own songs as well as Lee Minho’s. To add on to the excitement, the band will also collaborate with Lee Min Ho for special stages, which will definitely impress the audience and touch their hearts.

Check out the feature below to know more about this new rock band, Royal Pirates!

Formed in Los Angeles, CA, three piece singer song writer rock band Royal Pirates has been training intensely in “the home of rock” US and performing in West Hollywood stages previously, building a strong foundation as a global superstar in the makings.

Moving on the Korea on 2012, Royal Pirates has co-write songs with world renowned producers and released their first official debut album (1st digital single) ‘Shout Out’.

On 2014, Royal Pirates has release two EP albums, ‘Drawing the Line‘ and ‘Love Toxic‘, and became known as one of the fastest musician/entertainer that has remarkably distinguished themselves to public. With their music, broadcasting appearances, booking variety show programs, radio shows and commercial endorsement contracts, invitation major rock festivals and live concerts in Korea and overseas, Royal Pirates definitely pave their way to success and became known as the next global KPOP star.

The band name Royal Pirates well represents the band’s identity. The band is following the “ROYAL” lineage of rock bands and racing towards becoming a legendary rock band in our time. And on this voyage, Royal Pirates, not trapped by any frame of mind, as “PIRATES” does, can freely make music that transcends time and space. This is the future that Royal Pirates dream of.

Captain Royal Pirates has now jumped on-board and is now ready to make a voyage through the sea of music, by showcasing originality across genres and refreshing music to the world.

Royal Pirates has release their 2nd EP album, ‘Love Toxic‘, filled with their differentiated sound and musical attempts on August 27 and has greatly embraces by the audiences around the world.

Members Profile


Moon (문) – Vocal, Guitar
Vocalist Moon, with his unique voice and imaginative mindset, is the centerpiece of Royal Pirates. Moon has an extensive range of music – hard rock, modern rock, alternative rock, psychedelic, electronica, J-rock, Britpop etc – and is a musician known for his musical genius and mystical eyes.

Soo Yoon (수윤) – Drums
Soo Yoon, Royal Pirates’ drummer, represents not only a unique yet powerful performance, but also a surprisingly sweet vocal and romantic-song composing ability. With his well understanding of pop music trend and producer mind, Soo Yoon has composed and wrote lyrics of Royal Pirates’ 2nd EP title song “Love Toxic”. He is also known for his unique fashion style that shows flashes of sophistication.


James (제임스 ) – Bass Guitar
Born in LA, dandy-style James has an impressive music back-ground, as he’s been part of Metal band “Azusa”, indie band “Clear and Conscious” and graduated from Cal. State as a Communication/entertainment major. James displays and represents intelligence through his great music talent and understanding of the music business, and has an immaculate and beautiful smile and charmingly attractive personality.

Royal Pirates newest album “Love Toxic” is also available for download at: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/album/love-toxic-deluxe/id919589773

For more information about Royal Pirates’ appearance at Lee Min Ho’s global tour in Singapore, find out from our event posting HERE!

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