[COVER] B1A4 rocks the stage in Singapore at KStar FanFest!


Singapore, 22nd November 2014 – The boys of B1A4 visited Singapore for the third time ever at the KStar FanFest having just wrapped up their Road Trip World Tour recently. Dressed in smart striped suits, B1A4 kicked off the concert with their upbeat debut single, ‘O.K‘, and maintained the energetic atmosphere with ‘Beautiful Target‘.

After a short introduction, B1A4 resumed the concert with ‘Lonely‘ and ‘IF…‘, giving the fans just what they came for.


During the Q&A session, the members shared their impressions of Singapore where Sandeul said, “Singapore is a country with energetic vibes, I’m glad to be back again!”. Jinyoung also commented, “Singapore is a clean and beautiful country.” Baro mentioned his desire to visit Sentosa, and CNU expressed that he wanted to go on the Singapore Flyer again.


As we moved on to the games section, B1A4 displayed the goofy and playful sides of them with Sandeul stealing the limelight of the evening.

B1A4 Jinyoung B1A4 Baro

During the game of charades, CNU boasted his Taekwondo skills, Jinyoung had an intriguing method of eating a variety of fruits, Baro was very adorable while imitating several animals such as a turtle, and Sandeul did a really good job of impersonating girl groups, while Gongchan had a tough challenge trying to act out the different Korean food!

Afterwards, one lucky fan was chosen to go on stage and be “wooed” by the boys while they performed their rendition of ‘Pretty‘. The boys made a sweet gesture as they presented a flower for the fan towards the end of the song.


B1A4 took the concert to a new high with ‘SOLO DAY‘ and ‘A Glass Of Water‘, before the fans surprised Jinyoung with a beautiful birthday cake, celebrating his belated 24th birthday (18th November) right here in Singapore. The leader was extremely touched and couldn’t express himself in words as he said, “It was so unexpected and I don’t know what to say… We will always stand beside our BANAs and I LOVE YOU ALL!


Gongchan, CNU, Sandeul and Baro also took the opportunity to express their affection towards the leader, as each of them gave their heartfelt birthday wishes, which was a really tender moment on stage!


Nearing the end of the concert, B1A4 sang ‘What’s Happening‘, ‘Baby Good Night‘ and ‘You Are My Girl’, keeping up the high spirits while moving around the concert hall, getting close to the fans and even taking pictures with them!

Finally as they performed their encore song ‘In The Air‘, B1A4 put their hands in the air to bid farewell to the fans, leaving the audience screaming for more.


As we bid goodbye to B1A4, we know this is definitely not the last farewell as we look forward to having them performing in Singapore again next time! Check out our exclusive footage of B1A4 featuring the backstage scenes and snippets of their concert performances:

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Article by: Jonan
Photos by: Nicole

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