[PHOTOS] Running Man's Appearance at Race Start Season 2 in Singapore


Korean variety show ‘Running Man‘ has been very well-received in Asia, and Singapore is of no exception as well. Recently held their Race Start Season 2 Fan Meeting in Singapore, the five resident cast of Running Man also made an appearance at the press conference prior to the show.

Check out our coverage of the press conference HERE and more unseen photos from the conference & autograph session below!

N67A9773Big Nose Hyung and the Commander

N67A9775Gorgeous Ji Hyo with a V! ^^v

N67A9789Wangko Hyung thinking about victory?

N67A9790Lee Kwang Soo N67A9701 N67A9756 N67A9740Kwang Soo and HaHa acting intimate during the press conference

N67A9728Kwang Soo and HaHa fooling around, causing much laughter from the floor

N67A9716Ji Hyo being all embarrassed by these two ㅋㅋ

N67A9698 N67A9687 N67A9684 N67A9782 Lee Kwang Soo N67A9685 N67A9680
N67A9693IMG_5307 copy

IMG_5302 copy IMG_5297 copy IMG_5213 copy IMG_5200 copyMong Ji Hyoㅋㅋ

IMG_5191 IMG_5193 copy IMG_5185 IMG_5176 copy

Full coverage of Race Start Season 2 in Singapore press conference can be viewed here: http://wp.me/p42RPy-1hA

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