[GIVEAWAY] Bring ME to 2014 BTS Live Trilogy in Singapore!

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Singapore A.R.M.Ys, we’d like to say a big THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who supported and participated in our previous giveaway of BTS The Red Bullet Tour in Singapore concert ticket. We received a whopping 6,100+ entries in just three days! Due to the overwhelming response, we’ve decided to add one more pair of tickets for giveaway, with courtesy from the concert organiser.

Similarly, the contest rules will remain the same. This contest will last for 24 hours from 12noon of 9th December to 12noon of 10th December. We will announce the winner on 10th December, 8pm via our social handles.

Meanwhile, check out the details of BTS’ upcoming concert that’s happening this weekend!

Details of 2014 BTS Live Trilogy in Singapore, Episode II: The Red Bullet
Organiser: Three Angles Production
December 13th, 2014 (Saturday)
Venue: The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre
Time: 7.30pm
Duration: 120mins
Ticket Pricings: (Excluding $4 booking fees)
Cat 1 VVIP: S$268 (Inclusive of High-Five pass and concert poster) – SOLD OUT!
Cat 2: S$228
Cat 3: S$168
Cat 4: S$128
Restricted View: S$108
Ticketing Sales Channel: SISTIC (www.sistic.com.sg) / +65 6348 5555 / Islandwide SISTIC booths

WIN tickets to BTS The Red Bullet Tour in Singapore
We will be giving away 1 pair of Cat 3 tickets (worth S$344) to a Super Fan of BTS!

Terms & Conditions
1) Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@HallyuSG) and Facebook (fb.me/hallyusg)
2) Click on the ‘Share’ button below this post
3) Leave a comment under this post with your shared URL(s)
4) Subscribe to our E-Newsletter (HERE) to double up your winning chance!

Multiple entries are welcomed, so start clicking and sharing away! You can share the post via Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/other available platforms, but just remember to copy and paste your shared URL(s) under this post so that we can keep a lookout! Don’t forget to unprivate your social accounts in order for us to contact you if you’re one of the selected winners.

Disclaimer: HallyuSG reserves the right to select the winner at random, irregardless of the platforms in which the posts were shared.

For more information of 2014 BTS Live Trilogy in Singapore, Episode II: The Red Bullet, check out our previous post HERE or visit https://www.facebook.com/ThreeAngles.

HallyuSG is proud to be the Official Supporting Online Media Partner for 2014 BTS Live Trilogy in Singapore, Episode II: The Red Bullet.

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  1. OMG I just finished sitting for my last exam paper at 12pm ><

    Just gonna try posting this eventhough the contest is said to close at 12 noon. Please let me win this pair of tickets to see BTS live in person! I can bring my friend along too! (I've participated in the previous contest and xclusive's giveaway but wasnt selected. It would really be soooo amazing if I'm lucky this time round) Thank you ^^

  2. I’ve joined alot of GA but didnt even win one. I rlly hope I can win this. I wanna c da boys. They mean alot to me
    Rlly hope I will be given ATLEAST one chance to c them…
    Jhope, pls gimme hopeee:X I’ve lose all my hopes and I feel like giving upp…But I’ll try.
    Sigh, no matter how hard I try, there ismt any good news.
    I srsly hav no luck in this kinda stuff. Im like only 13, and it’s like holiday now i tried to find a job gg all around sg and even search up online. But being a 13yr old and inexperience girl is hard to find one. Idc how low the pay is. I will work hard to go to my fav grp concert. but rn i dont even have a single cent or else I wold hav bought the vvip tix. Ive learnt my lesson and from nxt yr onwards I will save lots of money. I cant afford to miss any more concert like this trb(if i dodnt win) Pls jus gimme the tix, i may not be who u think deserve the tix, but maybe jus notice, maube jus giv this poor little girl a chance, i rlly nid this. THank you once agn for this GA. I love you. RMbr to read my other comment tooo:) <3 will wait for ur announcement eagerly. /praypray

  3. I really hope I get the tickets. They’re the first kpop group ever that I fell in love with. I used to hate kpop and they changed me and now I can even speak korean. I came across them last year and directly fallen in love. I’ve been their fans since their debut days and will continue for the next decades with god’s will. I love everything about them. Their cute and weird charms, their lovable voices, their awesome rappings and their meaningful lyrics. Please HallyuSG notice me I would remember this until the day I die. Thank you for holding this giveaway. I desperately want to go to the trb. I’ve subbed to the E-Newsletter and followed you on twitter, facebook and instagram. I shared this on tumblr, twitter, google plus. I really hope you would pick me. Please notice me HallyuSG. I truly love BTS with all my heart. I bought their albums and now I dont have enough money for the concert tickets and my dad won’t let me borrow his. PLEASE NOTICE ME ><


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    Post by Shahlis Seerin.

  5. https://twitter.com/_Nanafarz/status/542275698375680000

    Because I got inspired by them. Every song / action that they show us got a message behind it which is “do not give easily ” , “respect people ” , “know where you belong “, “be yourself ” and “be grateful ” .when I am upset/depressed/not confident their song and their YouTube videos “bts bomb” light up my day/give me the confident strength. That’s the reason my love towards them are that much.

    Thankyou for the giveaway (”:

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