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Annyeong Haseyo! In this week’s travel article, Trazy.com will be introducing you to the SM World, where all you SM fans can now easily find out where you should visit when you are in Korea. It will be especially interesting to all the SM fans out there!

Considered as one of the most influential and biggest entertainment companies in the K-Pop industry, SM Entertainment houses many K-pop artists and idols including EXO, Super Junior, BoA, TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, SHINee and more. Some of these artists have opened their own or their families’ shops which is a good chance to connect with their fans. We pick out some popular places for you to check out below:

kamong 1

1) KAMONG Café (카몽 카페)
KAMONG is a chic café owned by EXO Kai’s sister. This café is located in the southern part of Seoul, Seocho-dong. It has a high ceiling and a black and white simple interior, inviting not only Kai’s fans but also everyone to relax and have a nice coffee break here. In case you were wondering why ‘KAMONG’, the name was actually created from a combination of KAI+MONGGU (Kai’s dog).

For details and directions, click here.

viva polo 2

2) Viva Polo (비바폴로)
If you’re a super fan of EXO and especially Chanyeol, this is a place you would definitely want to visit for some good food and a galore of EXO items. A cozy Italian restaurant owned by Chanyeol’s mother, Viva Polo is covered full of the idol’s photos, items as well as autographs left by the EXO members. When you are there, look carefully at the menu for a special food recommendation written by Chanyeol. You’ll notice it right away by his real handwriting!

For details and directions, click here.

Grill5taco 3

3) Grill5Taco (그릴파이브타코)
Located in the rich neighborhood of Cheongdam-dong in Seoul, Grill5Taco is a modern Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant run by Super Junior Donghae. For those visiting this restaurant for the first time, it may be a little difficult to notice that it’s Donghae’s restaurant because there’s simply no hint of anything related to Donghae or Super Junior here, unlike other celebrity cafés with idol photos or merchandise.

Be sure to try the hot favourite Kimchi-Quesadilla when you are here. Unlimited nachos will be served for any food item you order from the menu.

For details and directions, click here.

mom house 4

4) Myeongdong Mom House (명동 맘하우스)
Opened in 2014, this is a 60-room guesthouse operated by Super Junior Kyuhyun’s family. Kyuhyun has recently talked about this guesthouse on the Radio Star show. It has a café (De ete Espresso) on the first floor and an outdoor park and terrace on the top floor. If you happen to be staying at this guesthouse, be sure to go up to the terrace level where you’ll be able to find Kyuhyun’s hand statue with his autograph and message imprinted on it. (And you can literally shake his hand there too!)

Here’s a tip to all Kyuhyun fans: Spot a red mailbox there where you can drop your letter(s) to Kyuhyun. They will be delivered directly to him!

For details and directions, click here.

I-bis glasses 5

5) I-bis Glasses Optical Shop (아이비스 안경점)
Located not in Seoul but in Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s hometown Jeonju, this store has been operated for a long time by Taeyeon’s parents. It may be just an optical shop, but for fans of Taeyeon, it’s a bliss to enter the store filled with the idol’s photos and items gifted by her fans. If you happen to be in Jeonju, don’t forget to drop by here!

For details and directions, click here.

These are just among the few we picked from the list of SM idols’ family owned places. Many of you may be familiar with Mouse Rabbit café (operated by Super Junior Yesung’s mother & brother), Kona Beans (owned by Lee Teuk’s mother) and more – If you’re keen to visit these cafés, do check out Trazy.com for the full listing! Trust us, you’d love these places!

Article by: Kristine

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