[K-TRAVEL] Smartphones Becoming Essential to Traveling in Korea

We’ve all started to rely on our phones for one thing or another, but those traveling to Korea may find that their phones are much more useful than they’d anticipated. Always at the forefront of technology, Korea is embracing mobile phones as a tool to enhance the experience of not just tourists, but even locals themselves.


We start with Visit Korea, an app that was designed by the Korea Tourism Organization itself. Serving as the Official Tour Guide for South Korea, the app aims to provide users with accurate and relevant information about the country.


Users can access information on everything from popular tourist attractions, restaurants, shopping, and even themed travel. The app is available for free on both iOS and Android phones.

Nowadays, however, we use our phones for nearly everything. AlchemyBet, owners of Pocket Fruity, have said that research has shown that many of us use our phones in even the most inconvenient places: from places of worship, to school and at work, and even while waiting for public transportation. In Korea, a leading IT firm Daum Kakao has began to take advantage of this as well.


Daum Kakao is most known for its messaging app – one of the first messaging apps that showed up in 2012 – but just a few days ago, they launched their own chauffeur car service app, called Kakao Taxi. Similar to brands like GrabTaxi and EasyTaxi, which have exploded in success in neighboring Asian nations, Kakao Taxi allows users to secure transportation and verify the reliability to taxi drivers – a major issue in South Korea. Although the app has only just been launched for taxi drivers, it is soon to be made available to passengers and should be rolling out its services in full by the second quarter of this year.

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