[REVIEW/BOOK] You and I can master Korean too!


Picking up a foreign language can be tough, especially when you need to understand not only the grammar and vocabulary but also learn to speak and write out the language correctly. If learning the Korean language is one of your new year resolutions this year, congratulations! You’re on your first step to explore a whole new foreign language, and we’re here to give you some tips!

Well, not us actually. But we do have a book to introduce and recommend for you self-starters out there!

Whether it’s basic conversation or just useful short phrases, “Making Out in Korean” has what you need to get started. In its third edition, this book introduces handy phrases which will never go wrong when you meet and interact with new people in your everyday life.


I find language books really boring sometimes, with chunks of words and more vocab words, I could never get a proper explanation when I flip through those books myself. Thankfully, “Making Out in Korean” has something different that I was looking out for. With romanized picture illustrations in each topic, it becomes more engaging and fun to learn and explore the new language.


If you’re a K-Pop or K-Drama fan, this book may contain phrases that are familiar because you’d probably have heard the Korean slangs that are widely used in this language. There are even topics about “Curses and Insults” and “Lover’s Language” in this book, teaching you the expressions and phrases that are definitely something we don’t see often in textbooks.

A copy of “Making Out in Korean(Third Edition) is available at all major bookstores in Singapore. For the international readers, this book is also available for online shipping at only US$7.95.

More about “Making Out in Korean” (Third Edition):

  • Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
  • Revised Third Edition: September, 23rd (2014)
  • Authors: Peter Constantine and Gene Baik
  • Revised by: Laura Kingdon and Chris Backe
  • Paperback: 160 pages

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