[NEWS] 'Ode to My Father' to hit Golden Village cinemas on April 16th


Korea’s phenomenal box office hit, ‘Ode to My Father‘, is set to screen in the Golden Village cinemas from 16th April 2015 onwards. Starring lead actors Hwang Jung-min and Kim YunjinOde to My Father depicts the lifetime stories of one man, as he travelled through a monumental journey of hope, dedication, and personal sacrifices.

Produced by JK Film and directed by JK Youn, whose credits include the remarkable films ‘Haeundae’ (2009), ‘Sector 7’ (2011), ‘The Spy: Undercover Operation’ (2013) and more, this movie relays the story of our parents’ generation, who fiercely survived their era, as they inspire us to look again upon our lives in a new light, says Youn.



In December 1950, Hungnam Port is crowded with refugees of the Korean War. Amid the chaos, 12-year-old Duk-soo (Hwang Jung-min) sees his fate change in the blink of an eye when his hand slips and he loses track of his youngest sister, of whom he promised to never let go. Leaving behind his father who stayed to search for her, Duk-soo and other family members make their escape to Busan and settle down in its bustling Gukje Market, waiting for the rest of the family to come.

Taking responsibility for his aging mother and young siblings, Duk-soo starts working all manner of odd jobs and devotes himself entirely to his family. To earn his little brother’s college tuition, Duk-soo goes to Germany as a coal miner and barely escapes alive. However, it is there that he meets Youngja (Kim Yunjin), a fellow immigrant worker and his first love, who eventually becomes his lifelong companion.

After enduring all the hardships in Germany, Duk-soo returns to Busan and begins to pursue his dream of becoming a naval captain; but fate intervenes once again and he is left with no choice but to head to war-torn Vietnam to cover his sister’s wedding expenses. Upon his return, Duk-soo sets out on a final mission in the hopes of finding his father and youngest sister, who went missing in Hungnam over 30 years ago.


Movie Title: Ode to My Father (국제시장)
Year of Production: 2014
Production: JK Film
Co-Production: CJ Entertainment
Directed by: JK Youn
Leading Cast: Hwang Jung-min, Kim Yunjin
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 126 mins
Singapore Release Date: 16 April 2015

Check out the official movie trailer and watch this space as we’ll be giving away a few pairs of preview screening tickets, courtesy of Golden Village.

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