[COVER] APink sends their love to Singapore Pink Pandas at 1st overseas solo concert, ‘Pink Paradise’!


APink, one of the hottest girl groups in South Korea right now, held their first overseas concert in Singapore on 22nd March 2015. Despite it being their first concert, the beautiful ladies of APink did not let their fans down at all, performing some of their hit songs like ‘BuBiBu‘, ‘Mr. Chu‘, ‘Luv‘, and ‘NoNoNo‘.


To start off the night, the ladies had a press conference before the concert at The Max Pavilion, where they greeted their fans and answered questions pertaining to their experiences and feelings towards holding their first ever concert.


Regarding their personal lives, the girls also shed some light on their fans, NaEun stated that she hoped to keep a healthy lifestyle this year by exercising regularly as well as sleeping and waking up early.


EunJi was taken aback when a fan asked about her composing hobby, which she never really shared about. She shared that she is taking more interest in it as time passes and thanked the fans for the support.


Bomi mentioned that she had fun experiencing how it was like to be a soldier during the filming of ‘Real Men’, a South Korean variety show where idols live the lives of soldiers in Korea.


Wearing all white with knee-length boots, APink kicked off the concert with ‘I Don’t Know‘, followed by ‘Good Morning Baby‘ and everyone’s favourite ‘Mr. Chu‘.

A few highlights that evening went to the solo performances by the members, with Chorong being the first to perform as she danced to ‘X‘ by Chris Brown and enraptured the fans with her dynamic dance moves. Following up was a duet by NaEun and HaYoung, performing ‘Gone Not Around Any Longer‘ by Sistar19. Their cover performance made the crowd go wild!

N67A7118NamJu performed her solo stage with ‘Dirty‘ by Christina Aguilera

In a VCR screening, the girls talked about their favourite singers and why they looked up to them as role models. Chorong‘s idol is Rain, EunJi’s is Kim Gun Mo, Bomi looks up to Seo Taiji, Naeun‘s role model is Sea from SES, Hayoung‘s is Lee Jung Hyun and lastly NamJu‘s is Beyoncé! All of them even dressed up as their respective role models and did a short imitation of them on the videos, cracking up the fans in the hall.


While singing ‘MyMy‘, ‘It Girl‘ and ‘Hush Hush‘, the girls were dressed very cutely with black and white striped tops and matching yellow skirts!


Bomi took the stage by storm as she sang ‘Problem‘ by Ariana Grande and even started pole-dancing in the middle of the performance! This was followed up by EunJi‘s stellar rendition of ‘Listen‘ by Beyoncé, with her amazing vocals leaving goosebumps on the fans!


As the concert reaches its climax, the girls moved energetically around the stage to get a closer interaction with their fans, and at one point the fans were chanting and screaming for an encore!


The finale of Pink Paradise in Singapore was brought out with a cake presented to APink from their Singapore fans, followed by a group photo on stage with their fans in the background. It got emotional at one point as Bomi reads out a personal note she had written for the fans ahead of the concert.


As APink bids the fans goodbye, we definitely hope that they’ll return to Singapore again in the near future for their 2nd concert. If you’ve missed it, check out our FB page for more photos of APink at their Pink Paradise press conference and concert, as well as a short video snippet from the concert below!

APink Pink Paradise in Singapore was brought to you by Three Angles Production and The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Singapore in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Singapore and Korea’s diplomatic relationship.

HallyuSG is proud to the Official Supporting Media Partner for this concert.

Article by: Jonan
Photos by: Nicole

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