[NEWS] New South Korean Entertainment Company, IT Factor in search for global talents in K-Pop

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There’s little doubt that music is an international language in all the best of ways.  This is certainly an idea embraced by the new Seoul, South Korea-based entertainment company, IT Factor Entertainment, who are approaching their field with equal parts innovation, passion, and mastery.

The recently launched company, whose focus is developing, nurturing, and managing new musical acts for an international audience, has quickly become a hot topic of conversation in the Korean entertainment world.  Thinking outside the box, IT Factor Entertainment may just be an idea whose time has come in more ways than one.

“We are taking the relationships with our artists very seriously in a way that’s going to be a game changer here in Korea,” commented a spokesperson from the company.

“Our team are experts in delivering outstanding artist representation, smart consulting that leaves nothing to guess work, important career counseling, and all important public relation work. Our artists won’t have to look elsewhere – every aspect of their career from development to branding and even producing their albums and setting up their tours can be handled by IT Factor Entertainment.  We’re a family, and we’re going to succeed together!”

According to the company, their focus on bringing entertainers from all over the world as well as Koreans from other countries and introducing them to Korean culture to celebrate everything that is great about it while also celebrating their own national influences – sets their company far apart from the pack.

This idea and approach encourages the development of a true global sound, and benefits South Korea by promoting their culture in an exciting, positive light while also nurturing the ever-growing popularity of Hallyu.

South Korea has a very well developed pop music and dance scene, but most of the current stars are Korean or of Asian nationalities. While they are certainly amazing, IT Factor Entertainment are doing everything in their power to encourage and explore other possibilities.  Their early work, which covers music, dance, and everything in between, has been met with a quick enthusiastic response from the online world.

The company is currently auditioning acts, accepting media interviews, and bringing on board new investors interested in helping to bring their vision to the next level. For more information, be sure to visit http://www.itfactor4eva.com or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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