[COVER] GOT7 remembers passionate fans and talks about their songs at press conference in Singapore


JYPE’s seven-member boyband GOT7 was in town last weekend for their first fan meeting which saw almost a full house of screaming I GOT7s, whom members described Singapore fans as “very passionate” and “enthusiastic”.

Ahead of the fan meeting, GOT7 gathered and sat down for a press conference where they talked about members’ participation in variety shows, usage of SNS accounts and even answered psychological questions pertaining to each of their ideal type.


Given their immense popularity in Korea and abroad, GOT7 has become one of the rising hot idol groups who have constantly been receiving numerous love calls from overseas since their debut.

When asked what was the craziest fan encounter they ever had, Jackson could only remember the most passionate fan they had seen – one who screamed throughout their entire show and whose screams were louder than the microphones.


Jackson, who became an active member of South Korean reality show ‘Roommate‘ (Season 2), has gained much popularity for his bright and cheerful character despite his manly appearance. He was even awarded the Best Male Rookie Award at the 2014 SBS Entertainment Awards, displaying his talent as an all-rounded artist.


At the press conference, members took the opportunity to thank Jackson for gaining more recognition for GOT7 through ‘Roommate’, and BamBam further spoke about his desire to go on variety shows, where he’d like to participate in shows that involve active running or moving around. (‘Running Man’ perhaps?)


Amidst their busy schedules, GOT7 have been actively using their SNS accounts like Instagram (minus Youngjae who deleted his) to connect with their fans. Unlike his hyungs (“older brothers”), the youngest member Yugyeom said he would only login once a month into his Instagram account and don’t really check the comments from fans.

On the other hand, BamBam who declared his love of using Instagram, said that he would only upload photos that contain special meaning or joyful occasions such as the members’ birthdays. BamBam also added that he usually reads about 70% of the fans’ comments, while Jackson cheerfully replied “100%!”.


During the press conference, members also talked about the lyrics from tracks they have released. JB, the leader of GOT7, said he could connect well with the lyrics of ‘GIMME‘, while Youngjae chose ‘Stop Stop It‘ as the track he can best relate to. The latter added that he hopes to produce an album of sad songs, one of his favourite genres.

In the same evening, GOT7 held their fan meeting at Kallang Theatre where we got to witness their band of brotherhood and not forgetting their fantastic showmanship during the show. Lookout for our next article featuring GOT7 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore!

More photos of the individual members of GOT7 during the press conference can be viewed below and on our FB page HERE!


GOT7 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore was brought to you by LEAP IMS and covered by HallyuSG. Special thanks to the organisers for the media invitation!

Article by: Meixian
Photos by: Nicole

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