[K-TRAVEL/TRAZY] Hologram Concerts – A must place to visit in Seoul as a YG fan!


Are you a huge fan of the YG artists like BIG BANG, G-Dragon, 2NE1 or PSY? If you are, you have one place to add to your itinerary in Seoul aside from visiting the YG headquarters.


Introducing the ever popular Hologram Concert at Klive (클라이브), where you can get to watch hologram performances of the YG artists several times in a day. As popular as it sounds, you will find it even more cool when you step in and get surrounded by the fascinating visual effects and graphics. It feels like you are experiencing the real concert, that’s how cool it is!


The hologram concert also features virtual shows and performances from 2NE1 and BIG BANG. You can go in at any time to feel the excitement!

The best of it all, G-Dragon’s solo concert ‘Awake’ was recently featured at the hologram concert too! Comprised of five hit songs (Heart Breaker, Crayon+Fantastic Baby, Who You?, Crooked), G-Dragon literally appears everywhere during the concert.

There’s also a session where he converses with the audience and it makes up for a complete experience as a fan to virtually interact with him, thanks to the pretty cool high-technology!

For Klive Concert Hall directions, click here.


Besides watching the hologram concert, there are also interesting sights located outside the hall, such as Kart official goods store of YG, GOT7, 2PM, Apink, B1A4 and many other idol groups.


There is also a glass mock-up of G-Dragon’s Lamborghini, a star lounge where you can find the artists’ hand statues, photo booths where you can take a picture with BIG BANG and 2NE1, and a café located there.

For more details of Kart store, click here.

If you’re interested in the Klive K-pop Hologram Concert, find out more about it here!

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