[COVER] Leeteuk assured ELFs that Super Junior is FOREVER during Super Show 6 in Singapore


After almost a year, the Kings of K-Pop Super Junior finally returned to Singapore with their world tour ‘SUPER SHOW 6‘ on Friday (1st May) at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Even though members Shindong, Sungmin and Yesung are currently serving the military in Korea, the support towards Super Junior was still welcoming and unwavering from the Singapore ELFs. Super Junior put up a great show as they showcased their sexy charisma on stage and not forgetting to shower fans with plenty of fan-service during the concert.


Super Junior kicked off the concert with their debut song ‘Twins‘ followed by hit songs such as ‘BONAMANA‘ and ‘Sorry Sorry‘. After a short VCR, they resumed the show with ‘U‘, ‘Midnight Blues‘ and ‘She Wants It‘, treating the fans with a relay of past and present hits.

During the self-introduction, leader Leeteuk, who returned to join the members for this concert tour, was welcomed back with much enthusiasm, as the fans cheered him on eagerly when he addressed the crowd. The group then continued with ‘Mr Simple‘ and ‘Don’t Leave Me‘. A special fan project (‘Super Jun10r‘) was then prepared by Singapore ELFs during ‘Islands‘ to mark the group’s upcoming 10th Anniversary.


The first highlight of the show was the unique solo stages of each member. Maknae Kyuhyun performed two songs (‘My thoughts, Your memories‘ and ‘At Gwanghwamun‘) from his solo album, ‘At Gwanghwamun’. Kangin performed a cover of Re.f’s ‘Heartache‘ and Ryeowook got the fans singing along with Jay Chou’s ‘Qi Li Xiang (七里香)’.

The full squad then returned on stage with microphone stands for their latest hit song ‘This is Love‘ before displaying their versatility with a R&B ballad song, ‘Evanesce‘.


Time was also aside for performances of Super Junior-M, where Henry and Zhoumi joined the stage for ‘Swing‘ and ‘A-OH‘. Henry then showcased a powerful violin and dance performance with ‘Fantastic‘ while Zhoumi displayed his charisma on stage with his solo track ‘Rewind‘. Before bidding farewell, the gentlemen added that they hope to visit Singapore more often to see their fans!

Following, Donghae and Eunhyuk‘s sub unit, D&E serenaded the crowd with ‘Growing Pains‘. Siwon then resumed the solo stage with Adam Levine’s ‘Lost Stars‘ and finally, Leeteuk with Huh Gak’s ‘Hello‘, leaving fans with teary-eyes.


The second highlight of the show was the ‘Frozen Contest‘ segment, where Henry came dressed on stage as Olaf (a snowman character from the movie Frozen), Heechul cross-dressed as Anna (a princess from the same movie) while the rest of the Super Junior members cross-dressed as Elsa (Anna’s sister). The group then performed their own unique version of ‘Let It Go‘ before moving on to an upbeat track, ‘Rokkugo‘.

Nearing the end of the concert, Super Junior performed ‘Too Many Beautiful Girls‘ and ‘Shirt+Rockstar+Let’s Dance‘, keeping up the high spirits while moving around the stadium to get a closer interaction with fans.


Super Junior performed more than 2 hours before the group wrapped up the show with encore stages of ‘Mamacita‘, ‘From U‘ (where another special fan project ‘Let Us Never Break Up‘ was prepared) and ‘Haru‘.

During the ending ment, Siwon further equipped, “I’m not sure if there will be a SS7 but I promise that Singapore will definitely be one of the stops again!”

Leeteuk added a touching speech before exiting the stage, “To ELFs from all over the world, let’s grow old together! Remember Super Junior is FOREVER!”.

With that, Super Junior Super Show 6 in Singapore came to a satisfying end. As what Super Junior promised to the fans, we hope to see them back in Singapore very soon too!

Super Junior World Tour Super Show 6 in Singapore was brought to you by ONE Production and covered by HallyuSG. Special thanks to the organisers for the media invitation!

Article by: RongRong
Official Photos by: Marcus Lin / ONE Production

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