[K-TRAVEL/TRAZY] Series I: Unique Cafés All Around Korea


Any café hoppers here? I’ve always enjoyed café hopping every other weekend around Singapore, catching up over brunches, cakes, desserts, drinks and all. If you are just like me, you would most probably fall in love with the huge café culture in Korea.

In recent years, more and more cafés have been popping up across the streets and all around the corners in South Korea and this is not a surprising sight. It’s a norm for Koreans to hang around at cafés during the day or after a long day of work. What’s more, some cafés are even offering additional unique selling points that could easily give them an edge over their competitors. In this article, we bring you to discover some of the popular café spots and current craze in Korea.


1. Sulbing (설빙)
is a dessert café that is very popular for its special Injeolmi Bingsu (snow ice topped with Injeolmi rice-cake and nutty soy bean powder) which could leave your mouth watering even before you taste it. This dessert café was originally from Busan and today its franchises are all over Korea, becoming one of the most popular dessert cafés that specializes in different kinds of Bingsu including Patbingsu, another kind of shaved ice that is mostly enjoyed during the summer.

For more details & directions, click here.


2. Bauhaus Dog Café (바우하우스)
Dog Café is one of the most common animal cafés in Korea where you can actually cuddle with puppies and dogs while sipping from your drink. This café houses a variety of dog breeds that you can play with and is a great hangout place for all dog lovers and owners!

For more details & directions, click here.


3. Cheongchun Cat Café (청춘고양이)
If you’re more of a cat person, then there’s another option for you. In the cat café, you can choose to order a drink and sit all day long to play with the cats.

This café is tucked away in the Hongdae playground. For more details & directions, click here.


4. Remicone Soft Ice Cream (레미콘)
Soft ice cream is one of the current crazes not only in Korea but in Singapore too. Located in Garosu-gil, Seoul, you can find Remicone, a well known dessert café that serves soft ice cream with a variety of special toppings such as honey caviar, chocolate/caramel/mango syrup, cotton thunder, macaron, hazelnut crumble, french crepe and many more.

For more details & directions, click here.


5. a;t fox Beauty Café (에이티폭스)
Bet you’ve never came across a beauty café, have you? This is really interesting, it’s a perfect place for ladies who want to try Korean style make-up at a more pleasant atmosphere. This special café serves a variety of tea in small teapots and cups. You can also visit the powder room to try on all kinds of cosmetics. Get a free make-up styling by the a;t fox professionals when you purchase a cup of tea and enjoy it in the shop. Sounds awesome enough?

For more details & directions, click here.

There are so many more variety of cafés in Korea for you to discover. Look out for our next series of unique cafés all around Korea and don’t forget to visit Trazy.com to explore the best parts of South Korea!

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