[COVER] "Are You Happy?", Jung Yong Hwa asks at One Fine Day Concert in Singapore


Are you happy?

Fans would probably remember this segment during the concert when Jung Yong Hwa took a break from his performances and introduced his live band members, asking them one by one, “Are you happy?” and “Play/Dance out your feelings!” (on their respective instruments).

Nope, it wasn’t his fellow CNBLUE members, though we wished the other three members were here too.


Kicking off his first solo concert ‘One Fine Day‘ in Singapore, Jung Yong Hwa performed all ten tracks from his latest album and a couple of CNBLUE’s hit songs during the live concert, bringing much feels to all fans who were present at the show.

Yong Hwa opened the concert with ‘Without You‘, followed by ‘Cruel Memories‘, a track in which he had collaborated with Yoon Do Hyun in his newest album.


Continuing with a familiar piece titled ‘Ryu Can Do It‘, Yong Hwa sang the remake version of CNBLUE’s ‘One Time’, whose lyrics were previously edited for major league baseball player Ryu Hyun Jin to fit the official theme song for last season’s baseball league.

The singer also performed ‘Checkmate‘, a popular track which he collaborated with homegrown Chinese singer JJ Lin. It was a pity we couldn’t catch the duo performing this song on the same stage in Singapore, but Yong Hwa taking over JJ Lin’s parts in Mandarin did made up for it.


Besides performing his own songs, Yong Hwa also delivered a sweet cover of Maroon 5’s ‘Payphone‘ and Bruno Mars ‘Treasure‘, much to our delight. Other CNBLUE hit songs that were belted out that evening included ‘Like A Child‘, ‘Can’t Stop‘ and ‘I’m Sorry‘.

Fans were further treated to an adorable side of the singer as he charmed them with ‘You’ve Fallen for Me‘, an ost track from melodrama Heartstrings where he acted alongside Park Shin-hye back in 2011.


Four encore tracks were performed that evening, beginning with ‘27 Years‘, followed by ‘Star, You‘, a sweet song that was self-written and composed for the fans by the singer himself. Yong Hwa continued with a 6-minute long remix of ‘Love Light‘ and finally wrapped up the show with his latest title track ‘One Fine Day‘, bringing a satisfying closure to his first solo concert in Singapore.

Jung Yong Hwa One Fine Day Concert in Singapore was proudly brought to you by Datz Entertainment and covered by HallyuSG. Special thanks to the organisers for the media invitation!

Article by: Meixian
Photos by: Nicole

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