[K-FOOD/REVIEW] NANTA BBQ – Delicious Trendy Korean food that doesn’t disappoint!


We love authentic Korean dishes and are always on a hunt for it in Singapore. Just last week, we were invited to NANTA BBQ located near Novena MRT for a food tasting session where we found ourselves spoilt for choices.

Offering refillable side dishes that serve as appetisers, they bring out the authentic taste of Korea, just what we have been looking for.


We started off with Beef briskets, waiting for the chef to fry the meat while the sweet aroma wafting in the air made us anticipate the meal even more. The chef then showed us the traditional way of wrapping the meat, in a slice of lettuce adding garlic and red pepper paste inside.


Next, we tried what was probably the highlight of the meal, the renowned Wagyu beef! It was super tender, grilled to perfection and oozing with delicious juices. At the end of the day we unanimously agreed that the Wagyu beef was the best out of what we tried.


We also had the Roasted beef slices, which are slightly roasted on the outside, leaving the inside rare. It is brilliant as a cold dish and resembled a reverse sushi, because the chef wrapped it around onions and herbs. It didn’t taste too rare albeit slightly bland.


Afterwards we tried the Broiled beef, which was served with pumpkin paste underneath that complemented the soft beef immaculately.


The Tomato Budae Jigae, or tomato army stew that NANTA BBQ serves, is popular among the ladies in Korea as they produce a low sodium version of the dish, with more vegetables in it. It is served with cheese too, and the stew tasted healthy and slightly bland. If you’re looking to dine light and healthy, this is the dish you’re looking for.


The trademark dish of NANTA BBQ has got to be the Cheese Pork Spare Rib or Cheese Deng-galbi. The mouth-watering sight of bubbling cheese on the pan was spectacular, as the chef pulled the cheese and wrapped the pork ribs with skill and finesse, serving each one of us briefly.

The cheese went really well with the sauce-covered rib, and the thick layer of cheese was the highlight. There was also rice cakes and mushroom to complement the dish, making the whole dish more versatile.


A hidden gem on their menu is definitely the Chicken salad, which is served chock-full of vegetables and onions, covered with special yogurt sauce that made the fried chicken taste lighter and less oily. The dish as a whole was refreshing and more ordinary.


Lastly we come to the Carbonara rice cakes, another novelty dish NANTA BBQ has to offer. The creamy sauce wasn’t too heavy as they added a bit of mint leaves to it, and was overall a tasty dish, rivaling even all the carbonara pastas out there.


For those who’d like to give a try at the new menu of NANTA BBQ, the restaurant is currently having a daily lunch promotion at 20% off selected dishes. Check out more details on their FB page HERE!

NANTA BBQ opens daily from 11:30 to 15:00 (Lunch) and 18:00 to 23:00 (Dinner), and is located at 175 Thomson Road #01-175/177, Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307624. (Nearest MRT: Novena)

Advance reservations are available via hotline at +65 6258 1391.

Check out our short clip below as we captured all the mouth-watering moments when the dishes were served! Special thanks to NANTA BBQ for having us at the tasting session.

Article by: Jonan
Photos & Video by: Nicole

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