[NEWS] Korean Horror Film, THE TUNNEL, opens in Singapore cinemas this June

The Tunnel 27x40

Korean horror film, THE TUNNEL, is set to open in cinemas on 11th June 2015. Starring up-and-coming popular stars including Jung Yu-mi (Rooftop Prince), Song Jae-rim (The Moon That Embraces The Sun), Yeon Woo-jin (When A Man Falls In Love), as well as K-Pop girl group members Min Do Hee (Tiny-G) and Woo Hee (Dal Shabet), THE TUNNEL unfolds the story of a buried curse that lies within the abandoned coal mine.

A group of friends are invited to the launching party of a luxurious resort in the mountains before it offi­cially opens for business. The party takes place at the nearby abandoned coal mine that is being turned into an experience hall. Just when the party gets into full swing, a strange man barges in declaring that they will all get killed by the curse, scaring everyone away. They return to the resort to find the strange man watching them and end up killing him by accident. They decide to throw away the body in the coal mine, but get caught inside the dark tunnels facing the buried horrors within. Will they be able to escape THE TUNNEL?


Movie Title: The Tunnel (터널)
Directed by: Park Gyu-Taek
Cast: Jung Yu-mi, Song Jae-rim, Yeon Woo-jin, Min Do Hee, Woo Hee, Lee Si-won, Son Byung-ho, Jung Si-yeon, Lee Jae-hee
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Language: Korean (with English subtitles)
Running Time: 87 mins
Singapore Release Date: 11 June 2015
Rated: NC16 [Some sexual scenes and horror]

Check out the official trailer of THE TUNNEL from the above clip! Are you up for some horror challenge? Watch this space as we will be giving away 5 pairs of tickets to the movie’s exclusive preview screening happening at Shaw Lido on 8th June!

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