[NEWS] Korean box office hit 'TWENTY' comes to the big screens in Singapore on 25th June


Korean box office hit, TWENTY, is finally coming to the big screens in Singapore this June! In cinemas from 25th June, TWENTY is a radiant comedy about three best buddies (played by Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul and Lee Jun-ho) who turn twenty to share the most embarassing moment of their lives.

TWENTY_ (22)

In TWENTY, Kim Woo Bin returns with a new heartthrob character, playing the role of Chi-ho with layers of charm and a perfect look as he once again makes the audiences’ hearts flutter.

Chi-ho is a heartthrob who can steal any girl’s heart with a glance but after high school, he becomes a slacker living off his parents, consciously pursuing a life of doing nothing. His simple life that consists of breathing and seducing women takes a turn when he realizes that he has a new goal.

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Kang Ha Neul is by far the hottest rising star in the current Korean film scene. He plays Gyeong-jae, a boy next door character who unwittingly reveals his comedic side.

Gyeong-jae enters a prestigious university with a single set goal of entering a global corporation. All his academic and extra-curricular activities are geared toward achieving his goal but he turns into something completely different when he is drunk. His meticulous plan for a secure future takes a hit when he meets an impossibly attractive senior.


As a member of K-Pop boy band 2PM, Lee Jun-ho made a successful debut as a screen actor playing a newbie detective in the crime drama, Cold Eyes. In TWENTY, Jun-ho plays Dong-woo, the most mature one of the three friends who was forced to grow up quickly due to difficult circumstances.

Dong-woo is a college exam retaker who works hard toward a dream of becoming a cartoon artist. As a practical breadwinner for his family, he works several different jobs at the same time. But while juggling between his aspiration and the reality, Dong-woo is hit with a cold realization that his dream might be a luxury he can’t afford.

“What does ‘twenty’ mean to you?”

For me, ‘twenty’ is a starting point. – Kim Woo Bin

For me, ‘twenty’ is a rough gemstone. – Lee Jun-ho

For me, ‘twenty’ is soju. – Kang Ha Neul


Movie Title: TWENTY (스물)
Directed by: Lee Byeong-heon
Cast: Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, Lee Jun-ho, Jung So-min, Lee Yu-bi, Min Hyo-rin, Jung Ju-yeon
Genre: Comedy
Language: Korean (with subtitles)
Running Time: 115 mins
Singapore Release Date: 25 June 2015

Check out the official trailer of the movie above and stay tuned to our FB page HERE to find out how you can win a pair of tickets to TWENTY’s special preview screening!

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