[K-TRAVEL/TRAZY] Shooting Locations of K-Drama 'Warm & Cozy' (Maendorong Ttottot)


Have you been catching the series of K-drama Warm & Cozy (Hangul: 맨도롱 또똣; RR: Maendorong Ttottot)?

Starring Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang So Ra, the drama which is now airing on MBC, has its filming based in Jeju Island. If you’re a fan of this drama, you’ll notice that the scenes are filmed beautifully with a scenic backdrop, seemingly calling out to us to visit the island too!

So… We found out that some shooting locations have been frequented by the drama stars (as seen in the episodes aired so far) and we made a list for you drama fans out there. Read on to discover more!

cafe bomnal1

1. Café Bomnal (카페 봄날)
First up! This is the Maendorong Ttottot restaurant where Gun Woo (Yoo Yeon Seok) cooks and Jung Joo (Kang So Ra) manages with her brother. In actuality, this place operates as a café and guesthouse that’s known for its beautiful seaside location.

And did you know? BIGBANG’s G-Dragon once filmed here for SBS variety show ‘Thank You’ too!

For more details & directions, click here.

toscana hotel2

2. Toscana Hotel (토스카나호텔)
This hotel/resort is owned by Gun Woo’s older brother in the drama, but guess WHO is the real owner behind this luxurious hotel? It’s none other than JYJ’s Junsu! Try spotting Junsu’s pet dog in the drama too!

For more details & directions, click here.


3. Café Maggie (매기의추억)
This café appears as actor So Ji Sub’s café in the first episode of the drama when he made a cameo as the owner. It’s now becoming a favourite hangout spot and one of the popular cafés to visit in Jeju Island.

For more details & directions, click here.


4. Seopjikoji (섭지코지)
A scenic plateau it is, Seopjikoji is where the green fields, blue sea and black cliffs meet. This is a very popular destination famous for its picturesque view of the coast as well as the appearances of several Korean drama hits such as All in (SBS, 2003), My Girl (SBS, 2006), and Korean variety show Running Man (SBS).

This is also where Gun Woo and Jung Joo shared a romantic moment to catch the sunrise together in Episode 2.

For more details & directions, click here.

Are you curious to find out which other locations are filmed in “Maendorong Ttottot”? Check out here to view the updated list!

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