[COVER] Alexander Eusebio talks about U-KISS at Algovital Angel Meet & Greet Event


Earlier this July, Xanderettes had the chance to get up close and personal with former U-KISS member Alexander Eusebio in a cozy meet & greet session organized by Algovital Angel, held at Inverted Edge, Scotts Square.

The event started off with Alexander sharing about how he came to be the brand ambassador of his aunt’s Algovital Angel products (where he basically was the guinea pig for any new product for the brand) and crediting the products for his smooth skin.


Alexander then moved on to the next stage of the Meet & Greet, the Q&A session, where he encouraged fans to ask him anything. With his frank and exuberant replies, the star soon had the crowd laughing and joking with him.

“Don’t be shy! Ask me anything” he said, even encouraging fans to ask him “something mean” like “who do you hate”.


Candidly talking about U-KISS, Alexander revealed that he is still in contact with some of the members and had actually called Dongho recently to wish him a happy 21st! About Kibum, he said, “I bumped into him the other day at a coffee shop” and that “Kibum was always quiet and I don’t know why but Kibum to me is always like a business man. Always doing a lot of different stuff”.

When asked who his favourite Korean girl group was, Alexander admitted that “I like APink [Luv]” while showing off a bit of APink’s signature L.O.V.E Luv dance, finishing with “wow, that song was good”.


The Q&A session was followed by a game of beer (or rather, champagne) pong with some lucky Xanderettes, in which Alexander resoundingly lost after fans were given some advantages in the game (such as being allowed to drop the Ping-Pong ball directly into his cup).

The hour-long Meet & Greet session wrapped up with fans receiving a hand signed autograph and a photo opportunity for a handful fans.


As the brand ambassador and face of Algovital Angel, you’ll definitely be seeing the star around, and for the Xanderettes out there, Alexander has hinted that he has been missing showbiz and is looking forward to go back to the entertainment industry soon!

Watch this space as we’ll be releasing an exclusive interview with Xander very soon!

Article by: Cara
Photos by: Meixian

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