[COVER] Choi Siwon shares close friendship with Eddie Peng, calls the latter his "Oppa"


On Wednesday, popular leading actor Choi Siwon (from K-Pop boyband Super Junior) was in town with Director Dante Lam to promote their new and highly-anticipated movie, TO THE FORE (破風). 

Speaking at a press conference before the Meet & Greet session, Siwon revealed that this was his 7th or 8th visit to Singapore, adding that Singapore is one of their (Super Junior) favourite countries.

When asked how the cast maintain their toned body before and during the filming, Siwon shared that he and co-star Eddie Peng (彭于晏) ate protein-heavy and healthy food to help build muscles in order to achieve their ideal physiques, in which the latter focuses on bulky muscles toning while he goes for a sleek body.


Although everything turned out looking just as he wanted on screen, Director Dante Lam revealed that many hardships were faced during filming, such as members falling off from their bikes and getting injured as a result of the fall. He further added that Siwon and his fellow co-stars even had to cycle up to 100km per day and undergo strenuous training in the gym for the look of a competitive cyclist.


At the press conference, Siwon also talked about the friendship between him and Eddie Peng, excitedly stating, “When I first saw Eddie, I was like, wow, this guy is really awesome! He is my oppa!”


Towards the end of the press conference, Director Lam was still full of praises for Siwon and his fellow co-stars, emphasizing on their courageousness and hardworking spirits throughout the entire filming. Siwon gave a witty reply saying, “It was a great pleasure to work with Director Lam and I am waiting for his call for the next movie!”


During the Meet & Greet event which took place at Plaza Singapura on the same evening, both Director Lam and Siwon took turns to share their filming experiences with the fans.


As Siwon popped the champagne to celebrate the opening of TO THE FORE in cinemas, he added, “If the movie breaks the box office record in Singapore, I’d like to return here and pop another champagne with my Singapore fans!”

TO THE FORE (破風) is now showing across islandwide cinemas in Singapore. Don’t miss it!

Special thanks to Golden Village for the media invitation to TO THE FORE promotional activities in Singapore.

Article by: RongRong
Photos by: Nicole

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