[COVER] Park Bo Young and Cho Jung Seok talks about kiss scene in ‘Oh My Ghost’


Oh My Ghost‘ main casts Park Bo Young and Cho Jung Seok were yesterday invited to a media conference in Singapore as part of their drama promotional activities, where the two displayed a good chemistry just like how they were in the show.

The 16-episode drama, which has scored favorable ratings since its premiere, was recently wrapped up with a sweet ending that’s got all of us going ‘aww’ after Na Bong-sun (Park Bo Young) and Kang Sun-woo (Cho Jung Seok) shared a passionate onscreen kiss.


On their kissing scene, Cho Jung Seok commented that he felt a little pressurized as it happened to be Park Bo Young’s first onscreen kiss and he wanted it to look good, to which the latter smiled shyly and joked that Cho was even more nervous than her while filming this scene.

“The ending kiss was supposed to be an aggressive one from Na Bong-Sun,” revealed Park Bo Young, “but Cho Jung Seok oppa suggested to carry me and kiss with both of us smiling, so we did it spontaneously and changed the script a little. The scene turned out great.”


“We didn’t rehearse much for our kissing scenes so it was done very naturally without any NG,” added Cho.


When asked about their chemistry on set, both stars agreed in harmony that they could work well and it was enjoyable filming with one another, including the rest of the cast members.

Park Bo Young continued, “I was happy on the positive feedback we received from the drama. The audiences commented that we were a good couple and I personally like the plot of this drama too.”


As both Cho and Park played the role of chef in ‘Oh My Ghost’, the former described his learning experience on handling the kitchen equipment, “We practised a lot for the kitchen scenes, such as the correct way to handle the knife, as the director said he didn’t want any doubles. It was a good experience.”

“I am more familiar with the kitchen equipment now and I have learned how to make pasta too!” says Park.


When Park Bo Young was requested to display some aegyo (cuteness) on stage, she shyly declined in response, admitting that she is not good doing this in real life. She later got help from her co-star Cho Jung Seok, who took the initiative and showed us his version of aegyo, leading to unanimous applause and laughter from the floor. Check out the snippet of Cho Jung Seok’s aegyo below!

Oh My Ghost (Oh 我的鬼神君) is currently airing on VV Drama (StarHub TV Channel 855) every Sunday at 10pm till 13 Sep. It will continue to be available via VV Drama On Demand (StarHub TV Channel 857) for one month till 13 Oct. If you’ve yet to watch this drama, be sure not to miss it!

Article by: Meixian
Photos by: Nicole

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