[COVER] Joo Won assured fans that he has been resting well after 'The Gang Doctor'


Topped as the highest prime time rated drama on ONE, The Gang Doctor/Yong-pal recently ended its 18-episode series that recorded and achieved high viewership ratings both nationwide in Seoul and Singapore. Starring Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won as the lead casts, The Gang Doctor has seen a consistent increase in its ratings, breaking through the 20% mark just at its sixth episode.


On the drama’s success, Joo Won added that he was happy to be involved in The Gang Doctor and thanked the viewers for the support.

This was his second medical drama where he acted the role of a doctor again after Good Doctor, to which the actor commented, “I thought I’d never do a medical drama again after Good Doctor, but both dramas’ characters are very different so it was overall a good learning experience”.


Up-and-coming singer-actress Park Hye Su, who joined Joo Won in the drama promotional activities in Jakarta and Singapore, also spoke about her drama debut in The Gang Doctor as well as the experience of filming alongside the veteran actors and actresses.

Yong-pal was my first drama involvement and I count myself really fortunate to be part of it. I feel very attached to my character and am very thankful for this experience. In fact, I was extremely nervous during my first scene. We (Joo Won and I) were having a meal together for this scene and Joo Won made me very comfortable on set. He offered me a lot of encouraging words and was a great source of support to me.”


When asked about his thoughts on Park Hye Su’s acting, Joo Won replied, “Park Hye Su acted as my younger sister in this drama and I believe she plays a vital role because right from the beginning, the drama evolves from Kim Tae-hyun’s thoughts to save his sister. I think she did a great job delivering her role in Yong-pal.”


Dismissing news that he hasn’t been getting enough rest and has lost 7kg since the start of the drama production, Joo Won assured all that he is back in health and asked fans not to worry about his weight loss. He also added that while the drama has ended, he is currently trying to watch and control his diet as he always tend to gain back all the weight after the production.


During the Fan Meet & Greet session that was held on the same evening at Suntec City North Atrium, more than 3,000 fans turned up to catch a glimpse of Joo Won and Park Hye Su. Park Hye Su sang the OST ‘Please Remember Only Me‘ for The Gang Doctor and the two spent an enjoyable time with fans that evening. Not to mention, the hashtag #DrJooWon also trended to the number 1 spot on Twitter as well!


If you have yet to watch The Gang Doctor, don’t miss the encore broadcast (with two episodes back-to-back) every Saturday, 4.30pm, on ONE, starting 7th November 2015! ONE is available in Singapore on Singtel TV Ch 513, 604 and StarHub TV Ch 124, 820 and 823.

Article by: Meixian
Photos by: Nicole

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