[K-TRAVEL/TRAZY] South Korea’s Top 3 Must-See Travel Destinations in Fall

Western Korea (1)

Finally, autumn is just around the corner in Korea! Not too hot nor too cold, you can enjoy various outdoor activities under the pleasant weather. Besides, in this time of year, leaves with red and gold autumn tints cover up the mountains, creating a scenery that baffles all description. To enjoy the season to the fullest, we highly recommend travelling along the west coast of South Korea, or Jeollanamdo Province.

This part of the country boasts authentic natural landscapes as well as fresh seasonal foods that make your mouth watery. Out of many sights worth seeing, here we present 3 travel destinations around Jeollanamdo Province for you to explore. For foreign travelers, you don’t have to struggle anymore because there is the K-Shuttle Bus Tour, a convenient way to visit all of these destinations and more!

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Suncheon (1)

1) Golden waves of Suncheonman Bay

In Suncheon, there is a famous travel destination where you can meet a scenic panorama of wetlands thickly covered by reeds. Known as Suncheonman Bay, this place is highly recognized for open fields of reeds fanning out in all directions along the bay. There is a pathway where you can take a walk in between these golden reeds while feeling a cool breeze hit your face gently. Stroll along Suncheonman Bay and appreciate the reeds dancing in the fall wind.

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Boseong (2)

2) A vast green tea fields of Boseong

Boseong is best known for green tea fields that stretch out from the bottom of a hill to the top. Enjoy this magnificent sight laid out before you while rich fragrant smell of green tea leaves refresh you from fatigue. Find out more from here!

Besides Boseong’s green tea fields, the landscape of barley fields and Deukryang Bay is another highlight that you cannot miss. The pathway along the seawall is a canal overgrown with reeds that create a picturesque scene.


If you do visit this area, don’t miss the opportunity to taste its representative dish that is made of ‘kkomak (cockle)’. From boiled, marinated cockles to cockle pancake, try every one of them!

Yeosu (3)

3) The city of water, Yeosu

At Yeosu, you can meet the famous Turtle Ship at ‘Yi Sun-shin Square’. It is an ironclad warship designed by Admiral Yi Sun-shin, a naval commander in the past and a national hero and historical figure of Korea today. With this ship, he won victories against Japanese navy during the period of Japanese Invasion of Korea. In honor of his achievements, the city has reproduced the Turtle Ship to its original shape and displayed it at the square.

Odongdo Island is also a must-see travel destination when you are in Yeosu. Connected to the mainland by 768m-long breakwater, you can simply reach the island on foot. What makes this island so special is that camellia flowers and trees grow all over the island, which bloom beautifully from March to April. For more details & directions, click here.

Yeosu_Odong Island_Dolgaejang

Out of numerous dishes of Yeosu, ‘dolgaejang (marinated rock crabs)’ is the best. Because there are many rocks instead of sand in the beaches of Yeosu, the crabs live beneath the rocks, and that’s why they are called ‘dolgae (rock crab)’. Be sure to try this dish when you visit Yeosu! It’s slightly salty in flavour and the smell of sea will make your travel to Yeosu, the city of water, unforgettable.


There are so many travel destinations around the country other than Seoul, such as the green bamboo fields of Damyang, historical sites of Baekjae era in Buyeo, and the popular ‘hanok (traditional Korean house)’ village in Jeonju. Go outdoor at this best time of year, and don’t forget to visit Trazy.com to explore the best parts of South Korea!

Article & Photos by: Yemi of Trazy.com

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