[INTERVIEW] Oh Ji-Ho talks about his acting career and latest drama 'Cheo Yong 2'


Following the huge success of Cheo Yong: The Paranormal Detective, the drama is now back for a second season with the same male lead Oh Ji-Ho continuing his detective role in the series.

Playing the role of ‘Yoon Cheo-yong’, a detective with supernatural abilities, Oh Ji-Ho acts alongside Jun Hyo-seong (‘Han Na-young’), a young high school student who happens to be a ghost, to solve mysterious cases together.


In an interview with HallyuSG, Oh Ji-Ho talked about his involvement in the drama’s action scenes, saying that Season 2 was packed with Kali Arnis and Silat combat skills, which are getting more exposure in recent movies.

“It’s the first time that I’ve tried out this form of martial arts so I had to spend a lot of time practicing before shooting the scenes.”


When asked how he would feel if he could really observe paranormal activities in his daily life, the actor quickly responded, “I wouldn’t fancy that at all! It would be too tiring if you could see ghosts all the time, wouldn’t it?”

On his experience working with several same cast members again for both Season 1 & 2, Oh Ji-Ho mentioned that it was easy this time round as they were always happy on set. He further commented on his co-star Jun Hyo-seong‘s acting, adding that “she’s natural and did a pretty good job”.


Receiving praises for his strong and muscular build, Oh Ji-Ho shared that he exercises and plays sports regularly in order to keep fit and stay in shape.

Though he has come a long way in his acting career, the actor said he’d love to seek new roles that he rarely played, such as the masculine tough guy type of characters, “I’ve always been acting in romantic comedies, but next time I’d like to play the bad guy or some other new characters that I have never tried before.”


Fans can now catch Oh Ji-Ho on Cheo Yong 2: The Paranormal Detective which is airing first and exclusively on Thrill (StarHub Cable TV Channel 618 and Singtel TV Channel 415) every Thursday at 10pm, starting from 10th Dec! Be sure not to miss the exciting series!

Photos: Thrill

(Article by: Meixian)

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