[COVER] Singapore Melodies shower BTOB with love at their Fan Meeting


It has been three years since BTOB visited Singapore, but the wait proved to be worthwhile for the hundreds of Singapore melodies as they finally met the 7-member boyband up-close and have interactions with them at their recent [I Mean] Fan Meeting in Singapore.

Introducing themselves at the Fan Meeting, members of BTOB spoke about how they missed Singapore and longed to be back, especially eager to meet the passionate fans and not forgetting the delicious local food that they always get to taste here.


During the game segments, fans got to adore the various facial expressions that each member had to make, as well as witness the chemistry among the members on stage. To top it off for an even more memorable evening, BTOB performed a string of hit songs such as ‘Insane‘, ‘Way Back Home‘, ‘Shake It‘, ‘It’s Okay‘, ‘Thriller‘, just to name a few.

Member Hyunsik also took the opportunity to thank the fans in fluent Mandarin, promising that they will return to Singapore bigger and better next time.


Stay tuned to this space as we will be releasing the footages of BTOB’s live performances! Also check out our exclusive interview with the boys prior to their Fan Meeting in Singapore!

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Article: Meixian
Photos: Nicole

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