[COVER] DAY6 Fan Meeting in Singapore A Resounding Success


It was a day to remember for all fans of DAY6. The 6-member rock boyband from JYP Entertainment held their first ever Fan Meeting in Singapore on December 5th, which saw almost a full-house despite making their debut only three months ago.


DAY6, an up-and-coming live band, consists of members Young K (Brian), Jae, Sungjin, Dowoon, Wonpil and Junhyeok. The boys kicked off the Fan Meeting while jamming to beautiful renditions of their songs such as ‘Out of My Mind‘, ‘Habits‘ and ‘You‘, serenading us with their mesmerising vocals and individual charms.

During the various game segments, a handful of lucky fans also received the opportunity to go on stage and have up-close interactions with the members, much to the envy of everyone else.


DAY6 continued to liven up the atmosphere with an upbeat and catchy track ‘Like That Sun‘, before slowing it down with a powerful ballad ‘Colors‘.

One of the highlights during the Fan Meeting included a surprise fan-made VCR for the members, capturing precious moments from their childhood and pre-debut times, to the day the band finally made their official debut under JYP Entertainment.


Fans also sang an advance birthday song for Young K, whose birthday falls on 19th December. To our delight, Young K revealed that his parents were among the audience to catch DAY6’s first Fan Meeting in Singapore too! 😉


What’s even more memorable was the followed up live performance of their hit song ‘Congratulations‘, as fans added color to the tune before reaching the highlight of the chorus. The band also played out to a remix of Bruno Mars’ songs for the encore stage before wrapping up the show on a high note with ‘Freely‘.

The boys of DAY6 were indeed a lively bunch and you gotta watch this space closely as we’ll be releasing the exclusive backstage interview with them very, very soon!

Check out a snippet of DAY6’s live performances in Singapore below! (Click on settings to view the video in HD)

HallyuSG is proud to be the Official Supporting Online Media for DAY6 Fan Meeting in Singapore, brought to you by Three Angles Production.

Article: Meixian
Photos: Nicole

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