[COVER] Recap: Post-INFINITE EFFECT in Singapore


It’s been a little overdue, about a month since INFINITE stepped onto this little red dot to hold their 2nd World Tour [Infinite Effect] in Singapore. At the public press conference staged at City Square Mall, INFINITE was welcomed by thousands of passionate Inspirits who flocked all the way to the mall just to catch a glimpse of the boyband.


The boys answered a few questions from the press, including ours when we asked Woohyun, the king of fan-service, on how he felt about the heart gestures he created which became a huge trend all over Korea and worldwide.

In response to this question, Woohyun expressed that he didn’t expect this huge sensation but was happy that the heart gestures got popular, “I wish to spread the love everywhere”.


Members Sunggyu and Sungyeol also shared their fond memories of Singapore, especially hoping to revisit the Marina Bay Sands Infinity pool and feast on the local delicacies here. Photo-enthusiast L (Myungsoo) further revealed that he would like to go on the Singapore Flyer to capture the scenic views of Singapore if he has the opportunity to do so.

Official Photo: AC Music Entertainment

INFINITE belted out a number of hit songs at their concert the following day, including solo and collaboration stages. Our personal favourites were ‘Love Letter‘, a song dedicated to Inspirits, and all-time-favourites ‘Destiny‘, ‘My Girl‘ (by INFINITE F), ‘Last Romeo‘, ‘Back‘, and more.

With ‘Come Back Again‘ and ‘Together‘ as their final encore stages, INFINITE gave a satisfying close to their second solo concert in Singapore and just like these two songs, we sure hope that the boys will come back again next year together as one.

INFINITE 2nd World Tour [INFINITE EFFECT] in Singapore was brought to you by AC Music Entertainment, covered by HallyuSG.

Article: Meixian
Photos: RongRong

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